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Charity event in aid of St Peter's Hospice

10:30 - 14:30
Girl Cop author Sandy Osborne will be supporting the Knutty Knitters who are holding an event for friends and family of St Peter’s Hospice at St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, Luckington Road, BS7 0UP. The Knutty Knitters will be telling their story, have knitted items on display and will be holding a raffle draw (which includes Girl Cop books as prizes!). Coffee and cake will be available as they strive to reach their £150,000 target which currently stands at just over £120,000.


Book Launch: The Butcher's Block

18:00 - 20:00
Join Lucienne Boyce to celebrate the second Dan Foster Mystery at Salt Cafe BS1 5UJ. RSVP by email please.


Jess Hiles and Jo Allmond Book Signing

14:00 - 16:00
Join Jess and Jo for a book signing for She's Still My Nan at Great Holm Café, Milton Keynes, MK8 9HP.


SilverWood Social 2017

18:00 - 22:00
Always a popular event in the SilverWood calendar, the annual Social is a wonderful opportunity for authors to get together and chat or share experiences over some food and a glass of wine at the Mercure Brigstowe. Golden and Silver tickets available. FFI please email Claire.


Girl Cop at Leigh on Mendip WI

20:00 - 21:00
Bridget Jones in a uniform! Sandy Osborne talks about her novels 'Girl Cop' and 'Girl Cop in Trouble'. Leigh on Mendip WI Village Hall. FFI follow @Girlcopnovel on Twitter.


Frome Small Publishers Fair

A fair for small publishers and indie/self-publishing authors, and a lovely opportunity to network, meet authors, and of course buy books! The Silk Mill, Frome. Read about the 2017 fair here.

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Small Publishers’ Fair 2017

SilverWood author Nikki Copleston shares the news about this year’s Small Publishers’ Fair.

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Bring It On: A Guide to Navigating Local Media

'Bring on the Blacks' author Desmond Ward discusses his experiences with local media in Bristol.

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The SilverWood Social 2017

We're looking forward to authors, new and established, joining us for the annual SilverWood Social in October. Find out more...

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It'll Be All Write on the Night

We've all heard of World Book Day, but what about World Book Night? Jill Treseder, author of 'A Place of Safety', was among the writers who spoke at a World Book...

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Coming Soon...

Bristol Sadhu Volume Two by Vincent Rymer

A second volume of poetry from the Bristol creative.

Bobbing Heads by Gavin de Bier

When unassuming college lecturer Greg Stewart finds a code in the pocket of a second-hand waistcoat it leads him to the code’s instigator…murdered in his home.

How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe by Pam Gregory

A guide to using astrology for personal empowerment.

The Pinch by Ian McHarg

December 1941. German U-Boats dominate the war in the North Atlantic and Britain is desperate for a breakthrough in cracking their naval codes. Can Lieutenant Bolt and his men rise to the challenge?

You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? by Pam Gregory

Learn how astrology can reveal profound patterns in your life.

Don't Strain LittleBrain by Mark Dando

How to build your resilience and wellbeing and not get so frazzled by it all.

Life's A Game You Play by Libor Mikeska

A story of two inseparable friends intent on finding out the truth behind closely guarded secrets from their past.

The Boy Who Yawned by Mark Dando

A children's rhyme about a little boy whose yawning gets him into an unlikely spot of trouble.

Sicilian Summer by Mary Taylor Simeti

Not just a cookbook – 'Sicilian Summer' explores the relationship between food and happiness, and its role within the family.

When the Mermaid Sings by Helen Hollick

A Jesamiah Acorne short read.

The Malice of Angels by Wendy Percival

The third thrilling book from the Esme Quentin series.

Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared by Sophie Bloodworth

Helpful and humorous job interview advice.

The Mystery of Cloverdaisy Cottage by David Yearsley

'The Mystery of Cloverdaisy Cottage' follows Kate and Clara, two ten-year-old girls who discover that the loft in Kate’s grandmother’s house holds hidden mysteries.

Mezzaluna Smile [Italian Edition] by Mara Lembo

An Italian language memoir centred around the author's search for fulfilment and her love of Italian food.

Mezzaluna Smile by Mara Lembo

A memoir centred around the author's search for fulfilment and her love of Italian food.

The Lesson by Bobbie Coelho

The third collection of poetry from Bobbie Coelho.

Sophia Cobbs' Wondrous World of Witchcraft and Misery by Sophia Cobbs

The perfect man? That's asking for trouble.

The Beautiful One by Frances Thomas

A Girls of Troy Short Read.

Solving the Financial Success Puzzle by Gill Fielding

The companion title to Solving the Property Puzzle.

Untethered by John Bowie

Classic crime noir full of dirty realism.

The Saturday Letters by Jill Treseder

Betrayed by her own daughter, can Henrietta set aside her sorrow and reveal the truth?

All Aboard the Bradford Train by Andrew Rishworth

A fast-paced account of the Bradford City football club during the 2015–16 season.

Money Mystery: How is Money Created? by A G Glaze

The second exciting adventure from the Professor Golden Coin series.

King Billy and the Royal Road by RC Ajuonuma

A rhyming story about a hungry little boy named Billy.

Look Out! Look Out! Jack Frost is About! by Kylie Holmes

Follow Tom and his parents as they discover what's hiding under the bed.

The Spirit Lives by Alison Porter

The story of a desperate quest for the truth – for closure, and also revenge.

There's No Such Thing as Monsters by Kylie Holmes

Tom believes that monsters live in his bedroom. His mum tells him there's no such thing. Is she right?

Filter Free by Lauren Derrett

A collection of stories from brave women who have all come together in a bid to help reconnect women in a world of social disconnect.

Madeleine Symons by Martin Ferguson Smith

A biography of Madeleine Symons on the sixtieth anniversary of her death.

CJ by Colin Sole

Whilst at school a bitter rivalry is formed between best friends CJ and Martin and the school bully, Castle.

Jews in Georgian Society by Pearl Foster

A well-researched account of the extraordinary lives of the Laras of London during the Georgian period.

AB Gets His Wings by Richard Bland

The touching story of AB the teddy bear and his exciting aviation adventures.

Mr Harris Makes It Up by Francis Prendiville

'Mr Harris Makes It Up' is a humorous, heartwarming and gritty odyssey through life in a northern city at a time when kids were obsessed with Space Dust, Blue Jeans magazine and The Bay City Rollers.

Our Latest Book

The Cotoneaster Factor

The Cotoneaster Factor

by David Peak

First published in 1990, an ebook edition of David Peak's second novel will soon be available.


Price £3.99 plus P&P

Just Published

The Butcher's Block

The Butcher's Block

by Lucienne Boyce

The next Dan Foster Mystery.


Price £10.99 plus P&P

Dancing With Shadows [Hardback Edition]

Dancing With Shadows [Hardback Edition]


by Adrian Churchward

Book 2 of the Puppet Meisters Trilogy.


Price £21.99 plus P&P

Dancing With Shadows

Dancing With Shadows

by Adrian Churchward

Book 2 of the Puppet Meisters Trilogy.


Price £11.99 plus P&P



by J A du Preez

When they discover their planet is dying, six tiny alien scientists must race across the Galaxy to Earth...


Price £5.99 plus P&P

Cold is the Dawn

Cold is the Dawn

by Charles Egan

A gripping historical novel following the men and women of the Irish diaspora.


Price £14.99 plus P&P

The Voyage of An Luchog

The Voyage of An Luchog

by Mike Low

A callous, rich and powerful banker embarks upon a journey that has a profound effect on many lives.


Price £8.99 plus P&P