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The Bristol Suffragettes, Bristol LaDIYFest

12:00 - 18:00
A talk about the Bristol Suffragettes at Easton Community Centre. Click here for further information.


Suffragette - The Time is Now: Pre-Screening Talks

17:00 - 20:00
Lucienne Boyce will be doing two pre-screen talks about the Suffragette movement at Cineworld, Hengrove, before the 17.20 and 20.00 screenings of the new film Suffragette. Bristol Cineworld Cinema, Hengrove Leisure Park, Hengrove Way, Bristol, BS14 0HR. Click here for further information.


Bristol Festival of Literature

Events from 15-25 October throughout the festival period. FFI please click here.


Bristol Book Bazaar and Seminar

Day 1: The Writers Craft. Day 2: The Business of Writing. 
11am: Meet local writers, discover what motivates them, and get a great new read at the Bristol Book Bazaar. 
2pm: Be inspired by a series of talks from writing, publishing and business professionals.


Bringing the Past to Life: Researching the Historical Novel

13:45 - 02:15
In this Bristol Literature Festival session, Lucienne Boyce offers some suggestions on how to tackle your research and what to do with it when you’ve got it.


SilverWood Social

15:00 - 23:00
SilverWood is planning another sociable get-together in Bristol, for new and established authors. Please sign up for our eNewsletter to receive news of the format and venue as soon as it's announced.


My American Odyssey with Roger Griffith

18:30 - 20:00
Roger Griffith talks about his book My American Odyssey: From the Windrush to the Whitehouse at Bristol Central Library, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TL. FFI click here.


The Discover Festival, South Gloucestershire

19:00 - 21:00
A talk at Thornbury Library about the local suffragette movement as part of South Gloucestershire's annual Discover Festival. Click here for further information.


Harrogate History Festival


SilverWood author David Ebsworth will be speaking as part of a panel session on What made them do it? discussing the role of women on the battlefield and the reasons that drove them there.

Click here for further information.


Festival of Ideas poetry tour

SilverWood author Michael Brown will be a tour guide and performer for the two tours, including access inside five Cambridge colleges and a poetry performance. See here for more information.


David Ebsworth at New Writers UK Book Festival

10:00 - 17:00
David Ebsworth will be at the eleventh annual New Writers UK Book Festival, County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7QP. Click here for further information.


Historical Novel Society's UK Conference

Dreaming Spires, the Historical Novel Society's 2016 UK Conference, will be held in Oxford. Featuring talks by Jo Baker, Fay Weldon, Vanora Bennett, Elizabeth Chadwick, Emma Darwin, C.W. Garter and Henrietta Leyser.

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Latest News

A Little Bit of Magic

After attending a weekend workshop at The London Film School, author Melinda Wills McHugh booked a one-day Guardian Masterclass...

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Do One Thing a Day that Scares You

Facing a new challenge and unsure whether you should go for it? Author and editor Melinda Wills McHugh explains why the scariest new experiences are sometimes the best...

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Self-Published Book of the Year Award

Paul Connolly's 'The Fifth Voice' is shortlisted for the Self-Published Book of the Year Award.

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Get Clear on Your Book Idea!

Do you have a book idea but you're not clear if there's a market for it? Author and coach Becky Walsh can help...

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Coming Soon...

Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life by Sharon King

Tools for rebirthing.

Nurses Never Run by Eileen Gershon

This personal autobiography brings the caring vocation of nursing in the '60s back to life.

Your Mother Should Have Told You by Zoe Rene

A guide to life, love and lipstick for the modern girl, from international make-up artist Zoe Rene.

The Frozen Dream by Edward James

Three ships voyage to the Arctic resulting in three very different fates – historical fiction based on the Willoughby-Chancellor expedition of 1553.

Walk to the Water, A by Daniel Graham

Autobiography narrating the adventures and determination of twins Daniel and Jake as they walk 3,000km through western Europe.

Juliet's Story by Fenella Forster

The second instalment in 'The Voyagers' trilogy – a family saga stretching from 1913–2012.

The New Me by Hugh Smith

An emotive insight into the true story of Hugh’s journey back to life after a birthday celebration that went badly wrong.

The Inside Story by Linda Booth

A guide to why your colon holds the key to your total wellbeing, and what you should do about it!

In the Shadow of the Storm by Anna Belfrage

Book 1 of The King's Greatest Enemy series.

The Exile Breed by Charles Egan

The story of the Irish Famine diaspora.

Ribbonworld by Richard Dee

Set in a future where humanity has spread across the galaxy, journalist Miles Goram finds himself caught up in industrial espionage, political corruption and the case of a missing heiress.

A Shy and Simple Warrior by R. H. Parr

A biography of intrepid sailor George Lancaster.

The Forgotten Fifteen by James Bentley

Bury Football Club’s achievement in winning promotion from Division Four in the 1984/85 season.

Echo by Marguerite Valentine

The second novel from the author of 'Between the Shadow and the Soul'.

Dumb or Dyslexic? by Thomas James Trueman

A book to empower dyslexics to surpass their shackles of self-doubt.

The Adventures of Eric Seagull 'Story-Teller' Book 3 by Caz Greenham

Join Eric and his friends on his Christmas adventure!

Six Lies by Ben Adams

The second novel from the author of 'Six Months to Get a Life'.

Isabella of Angoulême by Erica Lainé

This gripping debut novel explores Isabella of Angoulême's unhappy time as a queen.

A Tale of Two Socks by Elvira Grassia and Rose Hart

What really happens to those socks that 'get lost in the wash'? Illustrated by Jan Hart.

Children of the Chieftain: Banished by Michael E Wills

The second instalment in the Children of the Chieftain trilogy.

Dancing With Shadows by Adrian Churchward

Book 2 of the Puppet Meisters Trilogy.

Dancing With Shadows [Hardback Edition] by Adrian Churchward

Book 2 of the Puppet Meisters Trilogy.

The Secret Life of Freaks by Ben Sansum

The second novel from the author of 'Spannered'.

The Dark Secret of Cold Coffinswell by Cindy Beadman

Nine-year-old Stella Jones sets out to find her destiny and ends up embarking on a quest to save the Rainbow Woods – and herself – before her tenth birthday.

Jess Makes a New Friend by Jo Allmond and Jess Hiles

More adventures from Jess the Goth Fairy.

Heng Mountain by Mike Robinson

A young man sets out to save his family and friends but soon finds the fate of all of China in his hands.

There's No Such Thing as Monsters by Kylie Holmes

Tom believes that monsters live in his bedroom. His mum tells him there's no such thing. Is she right?

Not Just A Crown of Thorns by Robert O Russell

Poems from the heart by the author of 'The Right Way'.

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Our Latest Book

Cuckoo Clock – New York

Cuckoo Clock – New York

by Elisabeth Marrion

Love and loss set in WWII – book three of the Unbroken Bonds series.

MorePrice £8.99 plus P&P

Just Published



by Jonathon Bradshaw

A personal account of the first Irish team to the South Pole.

MorePrice £13.99 plus P&P
Worrall and Robin

Worrall and Robin

by Linda Alvis

A beautifully illustrated children's story about the dangers of a worm's world.

MorePrice £9.99 plus P&P
The Faery Tale of Amy Thyst

The Faery Tale of Amy Thyst

by Melanie J Firth

The discovery of a special gold locket unlocks further secrets of the Steeple faeries.

MorePrice £9.99 plus P&P
The Silver-Handled Knife

The Silver-Handled Knife

by Frances Thomas

Book 3 in the Girls of Troy Trilogy.

MorePrice £8.99 plus P&P
Saving One More

Saving One More

by Janetta Harvey

This book explores the dark world of commercial dog breeding around the world.

MorePrice £9.99 plus P&P
His Own Executioner

His Own Executioner

by Derek Collett

First-ever biography of the British novelist and scriptwriter Nigel Balchin (1908-1970).

MorePrice £11.99 plus P&P