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Re-live the Battle of Hastings

English Heritage are holding a Battle of Hastings re-enactment at Battle Abbey with special guest author and speaker. Click here for more info.


Game of History

18:00 - 19:30
Lively discussion at Foyles Bristol, with Lucienne Boyce, Helen Hollick, Juliet McKenna, Jack Wolf. Booking:


Bristol Records Office Book Fair


World Book Day


London Book Fair 2015

This year at Olympia. Come and see us on the IPG stand.

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Latest News

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Are you an unpublished of self-published writer? Want to win a digital publishing deal or a brand new Kobo Aura H2o? Read on...

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From SilverWood to a Mainstream Deal

Biographer Jane Dismore tells us how she was picked up by a mainstream publisher in the wake of her SilverWood title 'Voice from the Garden'.

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Coming Soon...

Light the Way by Richard Brake

This book answers the age-old question ‘Is there life after death?’ with an emphatic ‘yes’ and ably demonstrates that all life is one.

My American Odyssey by Roger Griffith

An evocative combination of travelogue, history, politics and social commentary, Roger celebrates the lives of African-Americans, West Indians and Black Britons.

Inspeximus by Ruth Snell

Poetry from the manors of The Roborough Hundred.

Gang Rivalry by Peter St John

The third in the 'Gang' series, set in the war-torn world of the 1940s.

Fateful Gift by Colin Kay

This is a story of murder, love and betrayal set in the borderland where the psychological and the paranormal meet.

Getting A Life by Thomas Saunders

The memoirs of a city architect whose life was moulded by travel, adventure, difficulties and eventually love.

The Apostate by Petros Makris

An imaginative and inspiring thriller that addresses contemporary issues.

Peter McLeish by Deborah Latham

London police office Peter McLeish is in the crosshairs in this debut thriller novel.

The Embroiderer by Kathryn Gauci

A beautifully written novel spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, set against the backdrop of the Greek War of Independence.

The Owl and the Earl by Paul Smith

An exciting and amusing novel set in the world of country sports.

The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories by Esther Newton

A collection of award winning short stories about love, loss and hope.

The Trouble with Sophie Gresham by Enver Carim

A story of conflicted love against the background of major advances in molecular medicine.

Heads and Tales by Lis Jeffery

A behind the scenes look at teaching.

Shiner & Co by Mark Custance

Tracing the many lives of Leslie Shiner; soldier, businessman and family man.

Bracknell by Terry Clark

A brief history of this much loved town situated within the Great Windsor Forest.

The Owl and the Earl [Hardback Edition] by Paul Smith

An exciting and amusing novel set in the world of country sports.

A Place of Safety by Jill Treseder

A romantic novel by Jill Treseder.

Jess the Goth Fairy by Jo Allmond and Jess Hiles

A fairy with a broken wing may be different on the outside…but it's the inside that counts.

Whither Thou Goest by Anna Belfrage

Book 7 of The Graham Saga timeslip series.

Aftermath by Jenny Martin

A collection of poems and short stories to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War on 4th August 1914.

Brearley's Encore by Derek Taylor

The first in a new suspense series by the author of 10 Black Horse Westerns (Robert Hale).

The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour

Award winning historical fiction novelist David Ebsworth's account of the Battle of Waterloo.

Food Waste Philosophy by Shane Jordan

A vegetarian chef with an original cooking style and unusual recipes.

A Chance Kill by Paul Letters

In a WWII story of fear versus hope, the unspoken limits of loyalty are exposed and the value of a compromised life contested.

Misty Mornings by Marian Annette

A collection of entertaining and lighthearted rhymes that tell of the day to day problems most of us experience in our lives.

To Catch a Falling Star by Anna Belfrage

Book 8 of popular The Graham Saga timeslip series.

Kritsotopoula by Yvonne Payne

An historical adventure based on the true story of Rodanthe – the Girl of Kritsa.

Too Fast A Life by Martin Shepherd

Follow John Michael Hawthorn's career as Britain’s first motor racing world champion.

The Burning Towers by Frances Thomas

Book 2 in the Girls of Troy Trilogy

Annie's Story by Fenella Forster

The first book in 'The Voyagers' trilogy – a family saga stretching from 1913–2012.

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Cosmic Leap

Cosmic Leap

by Haidee Belshaw

Book two of 'Saba's Choices' – a panoramic story set in a time before history.

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Sarah in the City of Moon

Sarah in the City of Moon

by Fida and Dalia Qutob

A talking picture book about a young girl called Sarah and her adventure in Jerusalem.

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The Indelible Stain

The Indelible Stain

by Wendy Percival

The second book in the Esme Quentin series, unravelling mysteries from the past...

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Poetry for the Young at Heart

Poetry for the Young at Heart

by David Pitman

An anthology of poems, beautifully illustrated, written to make the reader ponder, question and reflect.

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Between the Shadow and the Soul

Between the Shadow and the Soul

by Marguerite Valentine

A psychological thriller by Marguerite Valentine.

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