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Nicholas King

Road to Ekaterinburg

ECS Banks

Nicholas and Alexandra's Daughters 1913–1918

Road to Ekaterinburg


ISBN 9781781320358

Published Dec 2012

234 x 156mm (532 pages)

Olga Nicolaevna remarked upon the unusual weather conditions at sea that summer when she sent word to her Aunt Xenia shortly after. The summer of 1914 proved to be far more sultry than usual, as if lulling the inhabitants of Europe, into a false sense of security before the storms ahead. However, life carried on as normal and the family returned to their daily habit of taking walks ashore. Later that day, the Imperial family returned to Peterhof and Alexei was carried ashore – still suffering from a swollen ankle following his fall. Rasputin would not be on hand to assist the boy as he was fighting his own battle after the unsuccessful murder attempt.

This is a story that has long needed to be told – an account of the tragic lives of the last crowned Tsar of Russia’s four daughters: the Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia.

Set in the years 1913–18, Road to Ekaterinburg recounts the real story of the Grand Duchesses through peacetime, war, revolution and their eventual murders. It shows their true characters, bravery and individual charm as human beings thrown into a situation where they had no power to fight against their own destiny.

Road to Ekaterinburg is the ultimate fight against tragedy and for freedom of expression.

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