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Nicholas King

Life's a Game You Play

Libor Mikeska

Life's a Game You Play

New title


ISBN 9781781325438

Published Oct 2017

203 x 133mm (258 pages)

his is probably a wild-goose chase, thought Lucinda as the old bus plodded along the winding roads of the Moravian countryside. In any case, it was nice of Milena to invite me at such short notice; she sounds really adorable. I’ll probably come back three kilos heavier, though! The views are lovely, she sighed, soaking up the splendour of the snowy plains. My great-aunt will probably wonder why I’m so keen on finding out so much about her sister, Lucinda pondered as she removed a second pullover. The heating system under the seat was quite effective, and she now had several layers of clothing piled up on her lap. A girl sitting in the aisle seat next to her occasionally gave her a shy look when she managed to tear her attention away from her smartphone.

Two young girls grow up together in South Devon. A time of awakening and personal development ensues as they leave the nurturing nest of home, familiar faces and surroundings. Their journeys take them across Europe and over the oceans. They lose contact for almost twenty years before finding out the truth about certain closely guarded secrets from their pasts.

It won’t be long before you become happily immersed in this captivating novel. If Mikeska’s first book Allegro Agitato or Neurotically Yours left you hungrily longing for more, this second novel is like going on holiday to a place you’ve never been before and wishing you could stay a bit longer...
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