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Nicholas King

Children of the Chieftain: Bounty

Michael E Wills

Children of the Chieftain: Bounty

New title


ISBN 9781781326046

Published Feb 2017

216 x 140mm (168 pages)

A jolt of the ox cart brought Ahl out of his unconscious state. He looked up and saw that he was being transported through a forest. The great trees overhung the track giving the effect of travelling through a tunnel. He realised that he was propped up in the corner of the back of the cart, wrapped in furs. To his right he could see a waterway where the river was violently forging a path between huge rocks and over boulders. The rapids! These must be the rapids which they could not row their ship over.

The young crew of the Viking ship Eagle set out on a new journey when they are given the task of delivering a message in the land of the Rus. But fate has a surprise in store for them when they are ordered to travel on the Viking trading route south to Constantinople, a route fraught with danger.

They must face warring tribesmen, deadly rapids and a host of other dangers before they reach their destination. There the adventure continues when they find themselves in the service of the emperor of the Greeks.