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Manners From Heaven

Chris Budd

Manners From Heaven


ISBN 9781781326176

Published Dec 2016

216 x 140mm (300 pages)

Elliott felt like he could kiss the man breaking down in front of him. It was working, it was actually working! The system, the process, it was all about the process. He had followed it to the letter, and now it was actually making this man come to terms with his own failings, creating the possibility of redemption, of salvation, of becoming a better person. He felt invigorated, excited.

Elliott Harmison has had a tough year.

He has suffered personal tragedy. Other people get on his nerves. And the world in general just does not seem to be in a good place right now. Someone should really do something.

Fate hands Elliott an opportunity to make a small difference in a big way. But can he complete his project before he is discovered…?

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