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You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?

Pam Gregory

How Astrology Can Reveal Profound Patterns in Your Life

Second edition edition

You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?

New title


ISBN 9781781327111

Published Sep 2017

229 x 152mm (192 pages)

Astrology is still the one of the most misunderstood alternative subjects. It is hard for me to reconcile the deep awe I so often felt in the oak panelled lecture rooms at Jesus College Oxford each summer as we studied charts and as I became aware of the profundity and scale of astrology, with the glib dinner party remark, “You don’t really believe in astrology, do you?” This is a nonsensical question to me. It’s like saying, “You don’t really believe in French, do you?” Astrology is a language, it is not at all a psychic skill. It is a deep, rich, mathematical, precise, symbolic language that has to be mastered. I don’t hear voices or see visions when I am working on a chart; it would be really handy if I did but sadly I don’t. I can feel the same process happening in my brain whether I’m translating French or astrology. It is a language.

Amazon Bestseller: Top 5 in the Astrology category within the first week of publication.

  • Discover how the ancient language of astrology is completely relevant to your life today.
  • Appreciate how astrology is a language of meaning that helps you decode your inner reality and outer experience.
  • Understand how your birth moment encapsulates the ‘information seed for all that unfolds in your life.
  • Learn how understanding your birthchart can help you live a bigger life, as a true co-creator.
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