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To Free a Pharaoh

PM Stout

To Free a Pharaoh

New title


ISBN 9781781327579

Published Feb 2018

203 x 133mm (186 pages)

The Sealer of Doors left the dream chamber, closing the door softly behind her. Toby finished the drink and lay his head back down on the wooden headrest to wait for sleep to claim him. The scarab ring was very warm on his finger and Toby realised that he had forgotten Mís warning to keep it hidden from the priests. Suddenly he was suspicious. Had the Sealer of Doors put poison in the drink so that she could come back later and steal the ring? Had the money collector noticed it? Had any of the priests seen it?

Toby is forced to stay with his Aunt Emm over the school holidays and canít think of anything more boring. Why would he want to waste his summer with an eccentric old witch?

Aunt Emm has her own reasons for wanting Toby to stay with her. In her possession are two artefacts dating back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, and together they hold great power. She needs someone young, brave and most of all, someone who believes in magic to help her return them to their rightful placeÖ

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