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Nicholas King


J A du Preez

Revised edition edition


New title


ISBN 9781781327654

Published Jan 2018

178 x 102mm (156 pages)

Random thoughts shambled about in Zaphne’s head like jolly zombies wearingboingi-boots, donking their arms, legs and noses at the windows of her mind. Those distracting thoughts promised to be awfully entertaining but she was in control and in no mood to let them in. When Zaphne wanted to focus, nothing could distract her. Measuring less than five centimetres in height, Zaphne was small, even for an Alyon. Her shimmering violet eyes could see nearly as clearly as the eyes of an eagle and she had the reflexes of an angry jaguar. She was also very young, one cyc to be exact, or in Earth years, she would be twelve and a half.

When they discover their planet is dying, six tiny alien scientists must race across the Galaxy to Earth to collect DNA for life on their new planet. But their mission is fraught with danger, especially when the crew discover how close they have to get to an enormous and very active volcano…

The last time Alyons landed on Earth was in 1494. Have the humans changed much since then? Will the Alyons survive the volcano? Will we survive when an alien race attacks? And, most importantly, did anyone pack any cheese?

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