3d cover image for a jolly good life a biography of Valerie Patricia Bertenshaw

A Jolly Good Life

A biography of Valerie Patricia Bertenshaw

Tony Bertenshaw

  • ISBN 000000000002
  • Published Dec 2021
  • 210 x 148mm (170 pages)

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This biography does not give a blow-byblow account of the totality of Valís life, but concentrates on her achievements, her married life, her interests, her friends, enjoyable and stimulating holidays, and aspects and qualities which characterise her. It also illustrates by way of a profusion of available documents and photographs, and of observational detail and anecdotes many of the characteristics and achievements of this exceptional woman who demonstrated such fortitude in the face of periods of poor health, but nevertheless lived life to the full.

This is a family and friends edition for the author and not for general sale. Featuring full colour images and gloss cover.

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