Alright Now

Alright Now

A Jack Warren Story

Geoff Warr


It's been tough, and a long time coming, but it's Alright Now, and it's out, now.

  • ISBN 9781800420939
  • Published Jul 2021
  • Paperback
    198 x 129mm (270 pages)


Jack believes he has a talent – a gift, in fact – for working with troubled teenagers, precisely because he used to be one himself.

As he sets off on the motorway with his wife and young daughter – herself suffering from the sudden loss of her twin sister – to start his new job in a children’s centre, he’s travelling with decidedly mixed feelings. As well as a general sense of hope and excitement, he’s got that sharp, metallic taste in his mouth, the one that goes with fear and potential panic.

Yet, none of this prepares Jack for the surprise awaiting him, which brings his past crashing into the present and offers him a second chance to change his life. This time, maybe, for good.

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