Andrew's Bonce

Andrew's Bonce

A memoir

Janet Denny


A poignant and moving account of a family's loss.

  • ISBN 978178127692
  • Published Jul 2018
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (252 pages)


A phone call in the night, an ambulance, A&E and the beginning of a family’s nightmare.

A mortally sick child is every mother’s horror movie, even when the child is a young man in the prime of life. But this is a false alarm, it’s not life threatening after all.

Or is it? Can this mother believe what she is told…?

She will fight for the truth; uphold her boy until he needs her support no longer. Andrew's Bonce: A memoir is a harrowing but celebratory book about Janet’s extraordinary, ordinary son.

Cover design © Charlotte Mistry

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