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We regularly check in with authors who have used SilverWood services to ask them about their experiences of self-publishing...

SR Condor | Pre-Press Self-Publishing Services with SilverWood

SR Condor | Pre-Press Self-Publishing Services with SilverWood

We're delighted to share the latest in a series of case studies, where we find out more about the publishing journeys of SilverWood's committed and successful authors. Cosy Mystery writer SR Condor shares his thoughts on publishing the first in a trilogy with SilverWood support. Read more >

Gillian Morton & Maureen Armstrong

Gillian Morton & Maureen Armstrong

"We knew we found the right publisher because we were made to feel welcome and relaxed. Silverwood allowed us to have control of our book, while still offering their expert advice in the areas of publishing that we didn't quite understand." Read more >

Author Image Elizabeth Hopkinson

Elizabeth Hopkinson | Fantasy Author

Award-winning author uses crowdfunding to bring 'Asexual Fairy Tales' into print. How Elizabeth Hopkinson’s target audience helped her pay for the publication of a niche story collection. Read more >

Adam Lowenstein

Adam M. Lowenstein | Self-help Author

”Throughout the whole process, the team at SilverWood were always reliable and on hand to answer any questions. They accommodated my vision in a way that was welcoming, supportive and constructive." Read more >

Johnny Tudor

Johnny Tudor | Welsh Author and Actor

"During the publishing, they gave me a lot of options, so I could discuss what I needed. I had a good connection with them and my publishing assistant got back to me quickly every time." Read more >

Coloured Square | Business Mindset Books

Coloured Square | Business Mindset Books

"What SilverWood gives me is the confidence that my book is going to happen. I know they'll complete the process professionally and I don't need to worry about it. That's what I value very highly about SilverWood." Read more >

Natalie Trice - Author photo

Natalie Trice | Author and Coach

After relocating with her family to South Devon to live by the sea, Natalie was keen to share her experience in PR to help business owners and charity leaders, especially females, to shine. Read more >

Roland Chesters | Author

Roland Chesters | Author

"After my initial meeting with SilverWood, I felt like I’d come home, like I’d been received as part of the SilverWood family. No question was too silly. They always responded and explained." Read more >

Pam Gregory | Astrologer

Pam Gregory | Astrologer

We're delighted to share the first in a series of new case studies, where we find out more about the publishing journeys of SilverWood's committed and successful authors. Astrologer Pam Gregory discusses the positive impact her books have had on her consultancy business. Read more >

Steve Griffiths Head Shot Scarf Jules May Photograph

Steve Griffiths | Poet

"This has been by far the best publishing experience I’ve had. And I’ve worked with several conventional publishers." Read more >

Nadia Ragozhina - author photo

Nadia Ragozhina | Family History

"The SilverWood team is professional and efficient in helping you become an author. I was able to concentrate on the editorial for the content of the book, without having to worry about all the technical detail of the publishing process." Read more >

Sharon King | Birth Reimprinting Specialist

Sharon King | Birth Reimprinting Specialist

Sharon King is the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, a life-changing protocol that enables people to rewrite their own or their children’s birth experiences. Sharon shares her stress-free publishing experience and the development of her workshops and speaking events. Read more >

Jamie Parker | Non-fiction Author

Jamie Parker | Non-fiction Author

"SilverWood’s publishing service is professional and good value for money; they are really good if you’re looking for an end-to-end service. They help you from the conception of your idea, then take your book and allow you to produce something which looks like a fully professional, published book that you’d see in any bookshop." Read more >

Lauren Malone

Lauren Malone | Entrepreneur and First Time Author

”I wanted a publisher who would respect the energy I had put into my business book. SilverWood are easy to work with and I’m already recommending them to other authors.“ Read more >

FA Beedie Photo

F A Beedie | Memoirist

“When I initially contacted Helen and sent in a couple of chapters of Dad’s book, the feedback was so positive, it felt right. It felt like SilverWood would be supportive through the whole project.” Read more >

Pauline Tait | Children's Writer

Pauline Tait | Children's Writer

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to finish with SilverWood, it's been extremely enjoyable and they will be helping me with my next book. They've given me an end product that I can be very proud of." Read more >

Rosie Hewlett - award photo

Rosie Hewlett | Award-Winning Author

"Before 2020, I had never let anyone read my work. However, after writing Medusa, I felt so passionately about giving her a voice and reclaiming her story, that I knew I wanted to share the book with others..." Read more >

Elly Redding author photograph

Elly Redding | Romance Author

“SilverWood Books was the perfect partner for my self-publishing journey - very helpful, professional and friendly. They were always on hand to answer any queries I had and to guide me in the right direction to produce a beautiful book for the market.” Read more >

Charles Egan | Historical Novelist

Charles Egan | Historical Novelist

When financial services businessman Charles Egan began researching his family history in 1990, he did not suspect it would change his life or that he would ever become a SilverWood Books best-selling author. Read more >

Author Caroline Mitchell Novelist

Caroline Mitchell | Novelist

“Everything was very clear, with the options laid out - and I could see how much I was going to spend. I had high expectations of a good quality product at the end and I felt my hand was held throughout the process.” Read more >

Denise Barnes Author Photo

Denise Barnes | Historical Novelist

"I was determined my books should stand side by side with traditionally published books. And it’s clear from the covers and their quality that it’s Helen’s mission to make sure SilverWood Books do just that." Read more >

author photo Angela dandy the silver sting

Angela Dandy | Thriller Author

"For people who don’t know a lot about publishing, it’s the ideal place because of the hand-holding. And the finished product is excellent." Read more >

Lucienne Boyce | Historical Fiction & Crime Author

Lucienne Boyce | Historical Fiction & Crime Author

”What stands out to me about SilverWood is their commitment to the books, and the quality of the products. They take the design of the books very seriously, and I’m really pleased with the result.“ Read more >

J A Higgins | Mystery Writer

J A Higgins | Mystery Writer

"Publishing on summer solstice was my decision. Ultimately, I drove that dream. I didn't want to be held up with rejections from publishers, and SilverWood allowed me to be in control while still having my best interests in mind." Read more >

Ann Turnbull | YA Fiction

Ann Turnbull | YA Fiction

"The SilverWood team are incredibly efficient, although it is different to the relationship with my mainstream publishers. The speed of publication is brilliant and they're always very clear about what they do and what I need to do throughout the process, and what my rights are." Read more >

Jill Treseder | Novelist

Jill Treseder | Novelist

"From the outset, I've been impressed with SilverWood's professionalism. It comes through at every stage, with brilliant communication, quick replies to questions, and a real sense of coordination within their team." Read more >

Edward Evans | Novelist

Edward Evans | Novelist

"One of the most impressive things about SilverWood Books is that the process is so well worked out and presented so clearly by the team from the get-go. After my first video call, I felt totally comfortable in their hands. It turns out that my gut instinct was right. What they do exactly replicates what you’ve been told will happen." Read more >

Testimonials from authors who have used our services

I cannot speak highly enough of Helen Hart and the team at SilverWood Books. I have worked with them over ten years and four books: two ebooks of my out-of-print titles, and two new titles. The books are carefully produced - the copy-editing is excellent - and they look wonderful. I am really delighted with my new book Talking to the Dead: Travels of a Biographer.
Sarah LeFanu, author of Talking to the Dead and many other titles, editor, broadcaster, Royal Literary Fund Fellow

If you think self-published books look tacky or amateurish, then you haven't tried Silver Wood. Helen and her colleagues are knowledgeable and efficient, and most importantly for the writer, enthusiastic about the books they publish. The design team is superlative - my covers have been outstanding, better than many of my conventionally published titles. I've been very happy to work with Helen and Silver Wood and would recommend them to anyone.
Frances Thomas, author of Partial Remission, The Memory Gate, and the Girls of Troy Quartet

May I just say what a great experience, and a pleasure, it has been to work with you... Wishing you all the very best for the future of your small, but truly excellent, publishing company.
JH Yorvik, author of UneasySleepers

I am very grateful to SilverWood for their support in publishing my historical fiction novel, Hungry Trails by Máire Malone, about the Irish Famine (1845-1852). From beginning to end they supported me throughout the process from final draft and cover design, through edits, on to publication. The result is a professional book of which I am extremely proud.
Máire Malone Hungry Trails

I would recommend SilverWood to anyone wanting to publish their own book. They provide excellent support and advice through the whole process...The excitement of having a package delivered to my door full of my very own books is going to be one of my happiest memories. More so because, the books look amazing and professional. All thanks to SilverWood who have provided the whole package of the publishing process. I can’t thank them enough for putting me in touch with Izzy, who did the illustrations that bought my book to life.
Jo Hadley The Sock Monster

Producing this book of poems with Silverwood Books felt like an adventure, sometimes scary but mostly exciting. There was a lot of new things to learn and plenty of information made available. I especially enjoyed being asked how I wanted the cover to look, using my sister's illustration, and I loved the finished result. It was a collection that was written over a long time and I think it was worth the wait. Thanks for the encouragement from Helen at the start when I wasn't sure and to the whole team for all their work.
Catherine Poarch Inside Elephant

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending budding authors to contact SilverWood and they will advise and assist with the whole publishing process.
Fiona Boyd Sir Walter Scott and the Magical Well

The SilverWood team is professional and efficient in helping you become an author. I was able to concentrate on the editorial for the content of the book, without having to worry about all the technical details of the publishing process.
Nadia Ragozhina World's Apart

I have published both my novels with SilverWood Books and I genuinely love working with the team. Self publishing can scary when you first begin, but Helen and her team guide you throughout the process, and nothing is too much trouble for them.
VS Minou Thomas Angel and the Order of the Cataibh and Thomas Angel and the Coach Na Cait

If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.
JA Higgins Finding Ruby

The process they took me through was a revelation to me. It was an engaged process and I was allowed much more of a voice than I anticipated.
Roland Chesters Ripples from the Edge of Life

The professionalism of the SilverWood team is matched by their friendly approachability. They enjoy their work which is inspiring and respond promptly to every enquiry, however small. They handle everything I’ve required from punctuation and structure to cover design and the process of publication with thoroughness and imagination. Would recommend to anyone.
Jill Treseder The Saturday Letters

The service and attention to client-needs is first class, and at a reasonable cost. In addition to guiding you through every stage of the publishing process, they offer plenty of post-publication advice and services to help you with the marketing. Their books are professionally produced and a match for any mainstream publisher; especially their cover designs ... SilverWood are everything they say they are. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Adrian Churchward Moscow Bound

When I decided to self-publish, I discovered that it’s not as easy as one might think to find a reputable company to go with. When I contacted SilverWood I felt an immediate rapport. Helen Hart and her staff were there for me the whole way, guiding me whenever I needed it to produce a well-edited, top quality product equal to anything a good traditional publisher would do. The SilverWood team are also there for their authors long after the book has been published, and foster a great sense of community with their authors. I cannot speak highly enough of them.
Kathryn Gauci The Embroiderer

I spent a great deal of time researching what assisted publishing services are available and against my criteria, SilverWood Books came out on top. Then I benefited from a personal recommendation from a satisfied customer and that clinched it. I needed a cover that would appeal to tourists visiting Kritsa, the village in Crete where my novel is set. The result from SilverWood is incredible and several local people have asserted that they know where the photo was taken, even though I know that is impossible! As a 'newbie' I didn't know what I didn't know, if that makes sense. So having the expertise of SilverWood behind me certainly gave me confidence.
Yvonne Payne Kritsotopoula

The great distinguishing feature of SilverWood Books is the superb personal service, with sympathetic and professional help at every stage of the publishing process. I have published two books with SilverWood and in both cases I have been delighted with the outcome - the excellent cover design, formatting and overall presentation have, I believe, greatly enhanced not only the attraction of the books to potential readers but also my own sense of personal achievement and satisfaction upon seeing them published. SilverWood turn what could be a real chore into a genuine pleasure.
Timothy Davidson The Bloomsbury Manuscript and Time for Another

Attentive, dedicated and personal when publishing my latest collection of poetry. They obtained me an author pass for London Book Fair which provided me with industry access, networking contacts and they have always been supportive in obtaining me promotion.
Michael Brown The Exhibit

SilverWood gave me hope where all could have been lost due to a previous publisher's demise. My book has the most marketable cover and everyone has remarked how much the image should help to make more book sales. The service was excellent and I got all the help I could possibly need to see me through to success again. I know I can rely on them for further information and assistance in the future. The team were marvellous.
Lin Treadgold Goodbye Henrietta Street

I had only planned to produce an ebook but I've been so impressed with the service, and the response from readers has been so good, that I'm now using SilverWood to produce a paperback version. Nothing was too much trouble. The whole team work together, answering questions and offering advice at every point. I would thoroughly recommend their services.
Esther Newton The Siege and Other Award-Winning Short Stories

I don't think I've ever received so many compliments on a jacket design as I have for this one!
Frances Thomas Helen's Daughter

It's been a crazy year. I started my crowd funding campaign in December 2012. To go from those humble beginnings to producing a book that I'm so proud of, being stocked in Foyles and receiving a readers' recommendation in The Guardian this December. I never expected any of this, and none of it would be possible without the hand-holding, patience and support of Helen and the team. You will not find a better publisher for your book. I've recommended their services to other authors and will continue to do so.
Ed Hancox Iceland, Defrosted

My association with SilverWood Books has been a pleasure. The team dealing with my manuscript has been reassuringly professional...but friendly and approachable at the same time. I also appreciate the useful documentation they provided to help with book promotion and marketing. And they answer emails virtually the same day so it is easy to keep in close touch! I am delighted to say that Claire, the book SilverWood created for me, is not only beautiful, but clearly of bookstore quality.
Carol Edgerley Claire

From the beginning I was treated as though I was the only client, no query was too trivial, all my emails were responded to immediately and I was gently led through the process of editing to cover choices to spread sheets and finally to the finished book. I felt as though I knew all the members of the team and I appreciated all their advice and suggestions ... All three books are beautiful to look at, and have a wonderful feel of quality. Helen has also given good advice on marketing and introduced me to Twitter and Facebook. I would highly recommend anyone to trust their manuscript to Helen and her team.
Gael Harrison The Highland Games, The Highland Rocks, Where the Golden Oriole Sang

I decided to go down the self-publishing route and it was a daunting prospect. After a few false starts, I came across SilverWood Books and have never looked back since. Two books published and a third on the way. The professionalism of my covers, the pro-active editing and an end product - a physical novel - that I can be proud of. I can't recommend them highly enough. On top of that, they manage the sales and distribution on my behalf. Book four will certainly be placed with them along with a 'second edition' from my early attempts at self-publishing.
Harvey Black Frozen Sun, Devils with Wings, and The Red Effect

If you think you haven’t got the confidence to self-publish by yourself, then SilverWood is for you. I chose their bespoke package and have a truly fabulous and professional debut novel which any represented author would be proud of. The SilverWood team were always there at the end of the phone or email to answer any questions and reassure me throughout the process. They have continued to be there for me giving me valuable advice as I market 'Girl Cop - the life and loves of an officer on the beat'.
Sandy Osborne Girl Cop

I really am thrilled with the quality of the production of the book.
Stephanie Morgan A Passing Guest

The staff at SilverWood Books are friendly and efficient, always responding to correspondence thoughtfully and in a timely fashion. Their willingness to stay in touch and answer questions gave me great confidence and helped make my campaign a success. Self-publishing a book should be enjoyable and exciting, and can only be so if one has the feeling one is working with a great team. I have had that feeling throughout the publishing process with SilverWood and I highly recommend their services.
Steven Colborne The Philosophy of a Mad Man

I cannot praise Helen and her team highly enough. I was constantly kept informed of developments, with regular e-mails. Suggestions and any small alterations were always sensitively and tactfully made and Helen was unfailingly encouraging, positive and enthusiastic. I felt genuinely looked after and supported in my first publishing venture - to the extent, in fact, that I often felt that I was SilverWood's only author!
Richard Leigh Harris Days of Our Vanity

My first book 'The Right Way' is way beyond what I ever expected. I've had many comments from the younger set about the design of the front cover, which really seems to appeal. The advice given by all involved at SilverWood has been sound, constructive, honest and true. I may have written the page but SilverWood brought 'The Right Way' to life.
Robert O Russell The Right Way

I have read a lot of excellent books and they were totally wrecked by cutting corners during the publishing process. Writing Under the Black Bull's Hooves was always to be a selfless declaration of love to the Camargue in France, the last European coastal wilderness. It needed a publisher with very high standards, fearless of complications and a lot of patience. Without Helen I could never have done it - layout, photo colours and paper quality are brilliant. I wouldn't change a single detail and I hope Helen is as proud of 'our' production as I am! I would recommend Helen's Silverwood to anyone with a genuine interest in realising the full potential of their work.
Maritta Kaumanns, author of Under the Black Bull’s Hooves: Histories of the Camargue

I'm so happy with the book SilverWood produced for me. I'd been working on the story and illustrations for nearly 5 years before I was ready to find a publisher...I loved the way SilverWood layed out the book for me and added all the little extra details I wanted. It's so exciting when you finally get the delivery of your books that you've worked so hard on! SilverWood have helped me produce something I can be really proud of.
Kate Monkman Maple and the Crystal Cavern

I came to SilverWood Books in January of this year with no knowledge of book publishing. I was greeted there with such friendly and helpful people that it made the task enjoyable and enlightening.
Sonia Gregg Edventures of a Seven Year Old

During the publishing, SilverWood gave me a lot of options, so I could discuss what I needed. I had a good connection with them and my publishing assistant got back to me quickly every time.
Johnny Tudor Peg's Boys

SilverWood are very flexible with the market, allowing authors to do some things themselves. I really like the hybrid idea where they take care of most things, but also give you options.
Elly Redding True Colours and In Too Deep

I highly recommend using SilverWood if you want to self publish your book. Helen Hart responded initially to my enquiry. I felt immediately valued and welcomed by her. I am working on my second book now and will certainly go back to SilverWood Books for this one too!

Elizabeth Price The Meadow Farm Band

One of the most impressive things about SilverWood Books is that the process is so well worked out and presented so clearly by the team from the get-go. After my first video call, I felt totally comfortable in their hands. It turns out that my gut instinct was right. What they do exactly replicates what you’ve been told will happen. They give a scheduled timeline showing each stage in the publishing process, with some flexibility for you to choose how fast or slow to go.
Edward Evans Radio Tel Aviv

From my first call with Helen Hart to publication day the process has been easy, professional and the team have been outstanding to work with. I wasn't sure about self-publishing when I started this journey, but I had a second book I wanted to get there and am so pleased I took this route. I would 100% recommended working with the team.
Natalie Trice PR School: Your Time to Shine

It's a been a very pleasant and efficient process. The result is outstanding - you have achieved total wow factor. All credit to you and your team. I think we got Rolls Royce service.
Harriet Smart The Butchered Man

I would definitely recommend SilverWood to anyone looking to publish their book. A high quality company, with a friendly team and excellent service. I was updated regularly on how my book was doing... Thank you to everyone at SilverWood.
Samantha Rendle House of Vampires

I have received what I regard as an extremely high level of service that I have not experienced with other publishers. After agreeing to publish your work you don't usually hear from most publishers. Not so with Helen Hart. She, or her assistant, were frequently in touch with me. They also suggested making changes to parts of the text which made it flow more easily for the reader, and discussed use of photographs. This was sound professional advice which I valued.
Maurice Fells Bristol Lives: Past and Present

Thank you again for all the effort you and your team put in to creating such a high quality publication.
Susan Sneddon, Director, Brand and Internal Communications, The Royal London Group Royal London:The First 150 Years

I was very impressed with the editorial appraisal for the first three chapters of my novel. The report contained extremely useful advice and recommendations, the comments about my style were very pertinent, and it was well worth the £70 fee!"
Bob Lander Dipsomania

When I used Silverwood Books I did not truly understand how far they were willing to go to try and get everything as perfect as possible. Everything was done quickly, as everything was done over the internet and this shaved a lot of time off the predicted realease date.
Alex Roissetter A Soldier Poet

This has been a true partnership - akin to what I would expect from a mainstream publisher. The level of input, editing and design was much more than I expected from a self-publishing deal. Many thanks for everything.
Graham Cawley Avarice

What impressed me most was the personal touch of dealing with one person who knew the background, the details etc. I had researched a lot of companies; where the response was 'fill in this form' I rejected them. I wanted more help and support than that, never having done this before. SilverWood's response was so friendly and helpful; it's why I chose them. I wouldn't hesitate to do so again.
Lin Sheffrin Fifty/50

An always friendly and professional service much appreciated for my first publishing venture, a small poetry book, Mining Memories. Superbly executed perfect-binding despite low page count (40) and a beautiful cover design much admired by the author leader and other members of my writing group. Not only prompt but also apt responses - Helen is a great communicator. What else can I say other than I sensed I would be lucky going with SilverWood Books.
Jenny Martin Mining Memories

I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and attention to detail shown by SilverWood Books. They kept to the projected schedule and everything was delivered on time. The finished product was even better than I had imagined!
Sandra Kendall Surviving Changi

SilverWood helped me to bring to publication my experiences of life in the US Army, Overpaid, Over-sexed and Over There. I found the company exceptionally helpful in guiding me through the various stages in preparing a book for publication. Their approach is highly professional, going beyond the merely competent to make imaginative suggestions for layout and illustrations, and producing effective, high impact cover designs. I benefitted from their close collaboration throughout the process, and material amendments are made only after consultation with the author.
Professor Chris Holloway Overpaid, Over-Sexed and Over There

My venture was highly unusual: to make a book of verse and translations look and feel like a poetry collection published in a limited edition by a private press in the nineteen twenties and thirties. Instead of the engravings characteristic of that period, I wanted to illustrate the poems with black and white photographs. Helen Hart, rather than laying logistical objections in my path, took up the challenge with gusto, helped in practical ways and advised with sensitivity on the aesthetic aspects of production. One hundred copies of the book were published, bound in marbled boards by a superb, local binder and the response has been hugely appreciative. All proceeds were donated to research into the causes of Motor Neurone Disease and this too has been handled brilliantly by Helen who provided a direct link to the charity's website.
Christopher Hamlett, Professor of Classics In Praise of Mortality

"I was about to give up on self-publishing when I chanced upon SilverWood Books. Right from the word 'go' Helen Hart was honest and frank: my novel was good but it needed some work and I should be prepared to knuckle down if I/we could come up with a workable MS. I have never been workshy and knew I could be too subjective about my own work - who isn't? After several months of collaboration we finally agreed the novel was ready. The design was excellent and the final product exceeded my highest expectations. But where I raise my hat to SilverWood Books is the back-up and support, the very point where the inexperienced, if published, author begins to falter. The internet work Helen did for me - and is still very much doing - is so uplifting and so practical. My book has sold all over the place and the first of reviews (four stars) has just come in. I can recommend SilverWood Books to anyone who believes their work is worthwhile and is prepared to accept the analysis of experts."
Shaun Ivory The Judas Cup

"SilverWood has been my partner in the self publication of my second poetry collection On Calico Wings. I say partner, as that is how the whole experience has felt for me. Every step of the way we have worked together! All quoted prices were clearly laid out, with immediate personal notifcations of special offers, applicable to me. Customer service was friendly and patient with a newcomer, like myself, to self publishing. Any queries were answered fully and promptly. Quality of services was excellent and the end product, my own book with a beautifully designed jacket, was par excellence!"
Jan Hedger On Calico Wings

"My meeting and subsequent discussions with Helen Hart of SilverWood Books generated enthusiasm and understanding which helped me to go forward and publish virtually my life's work in one volume. A Tapestry of Verse was an immediate success, with worldwide sales which have helped me to create a small financial fund for my chosen military charities. I would recommend SilverWood Books to any author."
Dennis Shrubshall A Tapestry of Verse

"The personal service I received was very superior and no query or problem was left unanswered or unattended. I felt supported throughout the whole process and was always informed of progress each step of the way. Thank you."
Nicholas King A Decent Deceit

"I have been receiving positive feedback to The Latvian Issues from people who have an interest in Latvian philately. One of my Latvian translation editors put a copy of the book on his stand at the London Book Fair... it received a lot of interest and several people asked about buying a copy."
Robert Fearnley The Latvian Issues

“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

J A Higgins