Pam Gregory | Astrologer

We're delighted to share the first in a series of new case studies, where we find out more about the publishing journeys of SilverWood's committed and successful authors. Astrologer Pam Gregory discusses the positive impact her books have had on her consultancy business.

Second Edition Leads to Bestseller Status

Pam Gregory, bestselling author of You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? and How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe discusses how re-launching one of her books and publishing a second has helped to bring about an increase in clients for her business.


Customer Testimonial

"SilverWood Books were so professional. They were very clear on what was coming next and what was expected of me. Although I provided the book cover design, they adapted it and produced a beautiful typeface for the chapters. The final product is really beautiful; they put in a lot of creative inspiration, so the two books look like a pair."
Pam Gregory | Author


Author Profile

Pam Gregory discovered her love of astrology at a yoga class in Toronto where she met an astrologer and was curious to find out more. She furthered her astrological learning alongside her corporate career, studying at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Achieving highest honours in her Master's course led her to develop her full-time client practice from her home in the New Forest. She wrote her first book, You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?, in 2013 which led to her desire for more readers to understand the power of their astrological birth charts. Her second book, How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe, was published in September 2017 by SilverWood. It became a bestseller from day one in the Mind Body Spirit category, yielding fresh sales of her first book and an upswing in enquiries for personalised birth charts.


Finding the Right Publisher

To release the second edition of You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? Pam wrote a further 10,000 words to add a chapter looking at the lunar and solar changes from 2017-2020. The first edition was published by a London-based hybrid publishing company. Her publisher's physical location had little impact, as Pam travels frequently and collaborates online and by phone with clients. However, their American ownership caused Pam challenges to navigate both tax systems for receiving her book royalties.

After speaking with another author, Pam was recommended to switch publisher and work with SilverWood because she had also completed her second book. It was important to her to build a publishing relationship with a team who could handle these books and any future works.


Becoming a Bestseller with SilverWood Books

From the start, SilverWood were extremely efficient in returning information to Pam, guiding her on the next steps to publish her books. With the second book, Pam initially felt unsure about the content because it was so different to her planned sequel, which was to explore the concept of quantum reality in more depth. SilverWood's proofreader gave Pam brilliant support and confidence through the technical editing process because her knowledge was well grounded in philosophy and spirituality. They worked quickly and were able to deliver the book in time for launch on 5 September, the date Pam wanted for its astrological significance.


Outcome for the Author

Pam felt she was in the hands of experts - publishing her books was smooth and effortless with the support of the team at SilverWood Books. The books launched into all major book outlets including Waterstones and Amazon, as well as the SilverWood online shop. How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe became a bestseller from day one in the Mind, Body, Spirit category.

With her large following on social media and YouTube, Pam still sells a large proportion of her first and second books directly through her website. There has been another surge in enquiries for personalised birth charts since the launch of the second book.

With over 300 emails per day, and the time it takes to analyse each birth chart, produce her video resources and write monthly astrological newsletters, Pam is now finding her business is happily oversubscribed.

Visit Pam Gregory's author page to find about more about Pam's work, and buy her books.

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