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"I've thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to finish with SilverWood, it's been extremely enjoyable and they will be helping me with my next book. They've given me an end product that I can be very proud of."
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Pauline Tait is a Scottish author living and writing from her home in Perthshire. Married with two grown-up children, Pauline dedicates her time to what she enjoys most: writing her books and supporting events to encourage children to read.

Pauline first came up with the idea for her children's series, The Fairy in the Kettle, when her own daughter was very young while working as a pharmacy technician. The story, which focuses on cultivating compassion, understanding and being true to yourself, stayed almost finished in a drawer in Pauline's home for nearly 20 years.

When Pauline switched careers to become a Primary Learning Support Assistant, her passion for sharing the story of The Fairy in the Kettle was re-ignited. Working closely with children who needed extra support, Pauline craved more than ever to publish a children's book which not only inspired kids to read, but also prepared them for success.

Released in September 2016, the first story in her children's book series, The Fairy in the Kettle, was celebrated for promoting kindness, thoughtfulness and being true to oneself. The second book, The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish, launched August 2018 and is available online as well as from all good bookshops - published by SilverWood Books.


When it came to writing her second book in the series, The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish, Pauline knew she needed to find a new publishing partner. Pauline found SilverWood Books online and after reading through their reviews, she was inclined to contact them because she was impressed with the books and what their authors had to say.

"I knew straight away that I wanted to self-publish; for me, it was the way to go. So, when I began looking for a new publisher, I also knew that I was looking for a different approach. After sending off my initial email, asking SilverWood if they would be interested in my book, Helen got back to me with a warm and very professional reply. I knew instantly that SilverWood was the way to go."

Although Pauline was excited to continue writing The Fairy in the Kettle series, she was nervous about switching publishers.

"I wanted the two books to look similar and I had all the original illustrations done by Debbie Bellaby, which I wanted to continue using throughout the series. For children's books, it doesn't matter how good the story is. If the cover isn't exciting and inviting, a child won't look at it. Children who struggle with reading need visually exciting, diverse and engaging illustrations and text."

Pauline knew that not only did the second book need to align with the appearance of the first, it also had to be more visually intriguing for a younger, pre-primary audience. The typography, the pictures and the blurb on the back were all important to ensure a child would want to pick up The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish.


SilverWood worked together with Pauline on a weekly basis to bring her book to fruition, ensuring they didn't rush Pauline through the publishing process.

"When you're working on your book, you don't know if people have the same idea for it as you do. That can be scary. However, Helen and the team all worked seamlessly with me. We were on the same page during the entire journey. Even when I didn't understand, my publishing assistant explained everything to me. It was so smooth, it felt efficient and effortless from start to finish. Not only that, it was enjoyable!"

With the popularity of children's books on the rise, the team at SilverWood knew straight away the quality of design necessary for The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish. Their goal was to make it stand out on the shelves. Aiming for a mainstream publisher look, Silverwood enhanced the original book cover typography with a new font. The new font was more elegant and more modern, which tremendously updated The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish appearance. At first, the title and cover typography in the second book worried Pauline, but she decided to trust SilverWood Books that it would appeal to more people.

However, where Pauline felt strongly about her creative ideas, SilverWood enabled her to retain ultimate control over her book. Pauline specifically wanted a purple internal font, instead of the traditional black text typically used in books. And the text in The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish moves to different places on the pages. This approach is designed to keep children enthralled and excited while reading.

Together, the two books appear as a set, but standing alone, The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish cover has a soft, magical look to capture the attention of young readers. Pauline was relieved knowing that she could trust the SilverWood team to collaborate independently with her illustrator, to finalise the designs for the front and back cover. The blurb especially stands out in a Christmas bauble.


Since publishing her second book, Pauline's children's book series has taken off. Pauline has been invited to share The Fairy in the Kettle stories at local events, including bookshops, schools, libraries and festivals. Pauline aims to combine fun and education at every one of her appearances, always encouraging younger children to read and write stories of their own.

The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish was published in August, so Pauline could invite fans to preorder her book - building up to a successful seasonal run. As with all SilverWood Books, it's available directly from the publisher, on Amazon, and will be distributed in North America by esteemed bookstore, Barnes and Noble. Already, Pauline has received many compliments on the upgraded overall look of her second book. The reviews for The Fairy in the Kettle's Christmas Wish are praising it for promoting friendship, Christmas spirit and determination.

She is writing two more books with publishing and editorial support from SilverWood - The Fairy in the Kettle Gets Magical is the next title.

"I would one hundred percent recommend SilverWood to fellow writers, above all other self-publishers. They are everything you're looking for; approachable, efficient and professional."

Discuss working with SilverWood's Helen Hart by dropping her a line here.


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