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Sharon King is the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, a life-changing protocol that enables people to rewrite their own or their children’s birth experiences. Sharon shares her stress-free publishing experience and the development of her workshops and speaking events.

First-time author shares her powerful message

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"I recommend SilverWood Books to anyone looking for a thoughtful, professional and easy to work with independent publisher. Helen is extremely passionate about what she does and her team makes the entire process, from editing to design through to Amazon, joyful and stress-free."
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Sharon King is the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, a life-changing protocol that enables people to rewrite their own or their children’s birth experiences. Sharon has worked with thousands of people all over the world, including practitioners, pregnant women and parents, to reframe their birth stories, with a remarkable healing impact on them. Matrix reimprinting and EFT is a meridian energy technique that involves tapping on various acupuncture points while verbalising a specific issue or challenge.
After years of research and study, Sharon developed an insight and message to spread to the masses, not only to inform, but to help others to transform their lives. Previously Sharon worked in corporate administration roles, taking her close to 40 years to find her passion and develop it into this book.


First time author shares her Heal Your Birth message

Sharon began writing Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life in 2014. The book, which explores birth trauma, educates mothers on the importance of the womb, a natural birth and how both affect a child’s life.

Sharon recalls, "I had all this in my head and the case studies to prove it; I wanted to get it out there. I communicate best through speaking... but I knew that this information would be more credible and have a larger reach if I were to write a book."
Coincidentally, the book took Sharon nine months to write. Because of the timeframe it took for her to produce, the book began to feel like Sharon’s baby. With this feeling, Sharon knew she would need a great midwife to help her bring it into the world.
After connecting with a mainstream 'self-help’ publisher, Sharon was discouraged to learn that her book would take another two years to be published and she would lose true ownership over the book. Wanting it to be out in the world sooner, Sharon decided to take the self-publishing route.
"Because I had no intention of being an author, I didn’t know how to do this on my own. A friend and Hay House author, Becky Walsh, recommended SilverWood Books and put me in touch with Helen Hart."


SilverWood Books as a collaborative partner and expert publishing resource

"From my first conversation with Helen, I knew I had made the right decision. She is so passionate about what she does and from the beginning put me at ease. Every step of the publishing journey felt guided with SilverWood Books."
For Sharon, the most challenging part was writing the book itself. Next Sharon completed the editing process with the help of Helen and the SilverWood Books team. They made the publishing easy and stress-free for her by responding calmly and quickly, answering any questions to put her at ease.
"SilverWood offered me similar services to a traditional publishing house, but allowed me to keep full ownership over my book."
After nine months working with the supportive SilverWood Books team, Sharon was ready to publish her fully edited, designed and formatted retail-quality book. Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life was ready to release into the world, and Sharon was relieved to know the sometimes-complex process of distributing it would be handled smoothly by SilverWood Books.


Overwhelmingly positive online reviews and Amazon rating

At the book launch, Sharon felt truly proud to show 'her baby’ off to the world and since publication, Sharon has been overwhelmed with positive feedback. Rated a prestigious 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life has prompted customers to leave outstanding reviews:
"Honestly, this book was so good, telling me relevant information to make my life (and my clients) better, that I finished it in a few hours. I highly recommend this well written and researched book." | Jeanne F

"This book is amazing... Sharon King can guide us to rewrite the memories to create a better sense of safety calmness and confidence in our lives." | Fritz M


Outcome for the author

Several foreign publishers have approached Sharon for the rights to translate Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life and Publishing Director, Helen Hart, has handled these negotiations to achieve the best deal on Sharon’s behalf.

With her book translated into different languages, Sharon is now running regular workshop events around the UK and Europe. Book sales are steady and as Sharon points out, the key to her success is her speaking gigs, backed up with the credibility of being a published author.
By the time Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life was ready, Sharon couldn’t help but feel more like this book truly was her child. "I felt I had birthed my book, then we had the early months nurturing it through editing. My book launch felt like I was showing the baby to the world, like a proud mum!"

Sharon's overriding message: it’s never too late to create a special connection with your child.

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As a grandmother of 3 children, retired medic and SilverWood author (4 books 2010 - 2018), I echo all the positives about both Sharon King's much needed book and her choice of publishers, SilverWood Books. It is too difficult to highlight any in particular so I just picked out 2 which struck a chord with me on first reading: the even longer road now than in 2010 to getting to hold your book in your hands (your baby in your arms) using traditional publishing (I was eighty in September: concentrates your mind wonderfully on the passage of time) and SilverWood's caring professionalism.
Jenny Martin

Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life

Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life

Sharon King



“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

J A Higgins