Graham Cawley


A new crime novel from the author of 'Fatal Retribution'.

  • ISBN 9781781320952
  • Published Mar 2013
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (276 pages)


Not Available

It is March, 1960, and bank inspector, David Goodhart, and his assistant, Trevor Smith, are called to investigate an ‘incident’ at Lamberhurst sub-branch. Appalled at what they find, they soon establish that serious security lapses at the Tunbridge Wells branch of National Counties Bank may have been a contributory factor. This view is compounded when they subsequently discover substantial unauthorized withdrawals from customers’ accounts.

Everything points to the apparent perpetrator having an accomplice within the bank and suspects abound. David and Trevor encounter many twists and turns in their investigations, but never before have they experienced financial transgressions being embroiled with wanton violence - and death.

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J A Higgins