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Book Marketing Tools for SilverWood Authors

Selling a book you’ve published yourself can be great fun, and very satisfying. But it also requires hard work, determination, and of course a good product.

There’s a lot you can do to market your book yourself, and at SilverWood we usually recommend you do as much as possible because buying promotional services can be expensive, with no guarantee of recouping that investment in book sales (you’re paying for time, rather than results). In any case, you are almost always the best ambassador for your book - you have the passion and commitment, and of course no one else knows or cares about your book quite as deeply as you do! Sometimes, however, promoting your own work can be a slow and lonely process, and it can help to have some affordable professional support behind you.

The key to good promotion is relentless on-going activities, a good Advance Information sheet, a marketing plan, and some media exposure. We can’t guarantee that retailers will stock your book, and nor can we guarantee book sales, but we can work with you to improve your chances. All authors who publish with SilverWood are offered a range of book promotion tools to suit their budget, and impartial advice on what might best suit their book (and help them reach out to their readership).

As a general guide, SilverWood authors select elements from a 'toolbox’ which might include elements from the following list:

Advance Information Sheet

A professionally designed A4 PDF containing information about your book, your author biography, ordering details, plus an email script so that you can make a professional approach to bookstore managers.

Authors who select our Silver Publishing package have an AI sheet included as part of their marketing starter kit.

PDF ARC (Advance Review Copy)

A PDF copy of your book prepared for release to book bloggers and reviewers. Many reviewers prefer to receive a print copy of your book, but some are happy to take a PDF to read on their iPad or other tablet. This obviously cuts down on p&p costs for you, so it's useful to offer a PDF ARC in the first instance. A PDF ARC also avoids having to share unprotected ePub or Mobi files (because DRM is added at the point of distribution, not when the file is created).

Promotional Postcards and Bookmarks

Spread the word about your book with specially designed postcards which show images of your book jacket in full colour gloss finish, with your chosen text in colour or black & white on the reverse. Available in quantities of 100, 250, 500 or 1000.
Postcards are extremely useful to leave with potential stockists in place of a physical copy of your book, and many authors arrange to display them in bookshops, cafes and galleries. Bookmarks make excellent give-aways at book signings and other author events, and because people tend to keep bookmarks they can act as a longterm reminder about your book.

Facebook and Twitter Set-up (or review of your existing social media)

Social networking is a must for any author hoping to reach out directly to readers. We can set you up with a Facebook author profile and page for your book, and link it to a Twitter feed. Ideally you should take over the profile and keep it up to date yourself, posting a few times a week. Many successful authors use social networking sites to collect friends and potential readers, enjoy participating in lively discussions about books and reading, and to subtly promote their book, website and author events. For a small additional fee, we can set up profiles for you on Goodreads and Instagram, or other social networks of your choice.

Author Website

A website is vital for any serious author because it is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week showcase for you and your work. We'll create a stylish but affordable website for you, using reliable, stable, and search engine friendly Wordpress sites with a url (or you own url can be directed to your Wordpress site). Your site can include a Home page plus additional pages for 'About the Author' and 'About the Book' as well as downloadable press release and/or Advance Information sheet, plus a 'Links’ page which directs visitors to online stockists.

Tailored Book Marketing Plan

If you're unsure about which book promotion activities are most appropriate for you, or you need to revitalise after a dip in sales, SilverWood can prepare a plan specifically tailored to you and your aims for your book. We will help you to identify your target readers, establish who and where they are, and how to reach out to them. We'll send you a detailed 10-page plan to boost your marketing.

One-Month NetGalley Campaign

NetGalley is an important and increasingly popular publicity platform for authors and publishers. It offers the opportunity to gain reviews from trusted sources such as librarians, booksellers, the media and reputable book bloggers.

If your title is suitable for promotion on NetGalley, this service has a bonus benefit of wide and regular promotion on several social media platforms and via email.

Review Copy Sending Service

Supply us with a set number of review copies and we’ll send them to selected newspapers, magazines or journal reviewers with a covering letter introducing you as an author, along with a printed copy of the Advance Information sheet or Media/ Press Release.

Nielsen Book2look 'Biblet'

A Biblet is a search-inside widget for social media and websites, developed by the bibliographic data company Nielsen Bookdata. One Biblet features all available formats of your book (print and ebook editions), and readers can instantly find their preferred format, and their favourite online shop.

You decide how much and which parts of your book you want to showcase, and you can also monitor which extracts are particularly popular. Share across your social media, website and/or blog.

Additional promotional materials and services

We constantly review and develop our book promotion services, and offer a range of other bespoke activities not listed here. All SilverWood authors receive a full list of services and comprehensive advice as part of their publishing package.

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Not a SilverWood Author?

If you didn't publish in partnership with SilverWood, then unfortunately we're not able to assist with marketing your book. However, we'd be delighted to recommend someone who can. Please Contact us and we'll put you in touch with experienced publicists who can help.

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