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When Bridie Walker fell pregnant at fourteen, she was labelled 'no good’ and written off, her life already in ruins. By the age of twenty-one it looked like 'they’ had been proved right. She was working as a stripper to support her, now two, children. Tragedy was already a constant companion. She had survived a stroke, a divorce and the death of a close friend in a car accident. Not the life that anyone dreams of. But Bridie carried on.

Over the coming years she was to build her first business. Only to then lose it, declare bankruptcy and file for divorce a second time all by the time she turned thirty. 

Yet still Bridie carried on. She was always determined to create the life she wanted, no matter what hand she was dealt. When every setback merely spurred her forward, little did she know this was creating the roadmap for her future success.

Today, Bridie is a serial entrepreneur, having spent the last thirteen years building three successful businesses. During this time she trained as a counsellor, CBT therapist, hypnotherapist and a Certified Life Coach. She now helps thousands of women do exactly what she did - create the life they truly want (but secretly feel they don’t deserve). She teaches them what she has learned: how to let go of their past pain, how to build resilience, how to be unstoppable.

By starting at ground zero she helps women rebuild, restructure and redesign their lives their way. They can then develop an Unstoppable Mindset, Unstoppable Confidence and Unstoppable Success.


Bridie Walker



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