Bristol Sadhu Volume One

Bristol Sadhu Volume One

Reveries of an opti-mystic artist, awakened in dreaming

Vincent Rymer


Poetry and artwork from a Bristol creative.

  • ISBN 9781781325247
  • Published May 2016
  • Paperback
    203 x 127mm (72 pages)


Poetry encapsulates life for me, cloaked in all its seasonal colours, forms and cadences. I am primarily a spiritual-hedonistic-sensualist-aesthete, protagonist, pragmatist and dreamer, questing with passion, but with no destination.

I hope my words, portraying observations, experiences and imaginative insights into eroticism, spirituality, culture and cosmic ‘play-full-ness’, will touch you. Touch you below the surface of your skin! Touch the pulse that enlivens your heart and thus ignites you enough…to create a cathartic and catalytic sparking. Creating a YES that is celebratory, affirmative, emancipatory and liberating. Awakening you to the infinite pleasures that constitute the craz-zany-ness of being alive in a chameleon world, DANCING ON PIANO KEYS!

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J A Higgins