Bristol Sadhu Volume Two

Bristol Sadhu Volume Two

One Heart World Anthems for All of Humanity

Vincent Rymer


A second volume of poetry from the Bristol creative.

  • ISBN 9781781326909
  • Published Aug 2017
  • paperback
    203 x 127mm (80 pages)


It is five years since I arrived in Bristol, a migrant…excited, daunted, inspired and thwarted by procrastination. I had not written poetry for many years and the first time I visited I sat in a cafe on Whiteladies Road and began again. Something within me had shifted, opened and needed to be expressed. Since that day I have become enthralled by words that enable the subterranean to seek and find the light of commune-cation and illumination. This second volume contains cultural observations, inter-relational experiences, provocatively critically political and poignantly celebrational evocations.

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J A Higgins