3D book cover image in blue with paw print and UK map

Chris & Moose's Waggy Walk

Part 1: Crisis on the Coast Path

Chris McQuillan


One man, one dog, one coastline, no clue!

  • ISBN 9781800420571
  • Published Mar 2021
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (300 pages)


Away from the tourist trails of England lies an ancient path.

Beyond the high surf and sandy beaches of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset lies a cornucopia of treasures, hidden along the perilous routes of the South West.

In 2018 Chris set out with Moose, his long-suffering canine companion, on a quest to walk around the coastline of Britain.

Join them on their adventure and prepare to be enthralled and bewildered by a story so wild, itís hard to believe that it actually happened.

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