The Dark Secret of Cold Coffinswell

The Dark Secret of Cold Coffinswell

Cindy Beadman


Nine-year-old Stella Jones sets out to find her destiny and ends up embarking on a quest to save the Rainbow Woods – and herself – before her tenth birthday.

  • ISBN 9781781324653
  • Published Nov 2015
  • Paperback
    229 x 152 mm (276 pages)


It is said that a middle child is born in a crack of time where dreams come true and fairy tales are written. This is certainly true of Stella Jones, though not in the way she would have wished. Desperate to escape her mad, warring family and convinced she is destined for greater things, she is suddenly sent to the grim Chillington House, a children’s home run by the lizard-like Mr Sneadman where she has to face all her worst fears.

But Chillington House is the least of Stella’s problems. Shocked to discover that she is a Changeling – a child who was part-raised by the Fairlings – she must now save their ancient habitat in the beautiful Rainbow Woods before her next birthday or be forfeited to the Devil! With her real-life fairy tale quickly becoming a nightmare and only three weeks left before her birthday, Stella embarks on her grand quest. Will she have the courage and determination to overcome her dreaded fate and discover her true, magical destiny?

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