A Doctor For All Seasons

A Doctor For All Seasons

Dr John Gayner


"An engrossing and compelling read, a genuine page turner." – Timothy Spall

  • ISBN 9781800420908
  • Published Oct 2021
  • Paperback
    198 x 129 mm (228 pages)


In a career spanning five decades, Dr John Gayner acted as a medical adviser on dozens of TV and film sets. This led to a collection of stories that entertain, and show what went into the making of many well-known films.

"A Doctor For All Seasons is an engrossing and compelling read, a genuine page turner. A fascinating, profound, informative and, at times, extremely funny memoir of what it’s like to be a doctor labouring on the coalface devoted to keeping the main players in entertainment, sport and more importantly life in general up and running.” – Timothy Spall

"An intriguing and entertaining account of a doctor’s encounters with the luminaries of film and sport. It is a diverting account of a professional life with a difference.” – Peter Ackroyd

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