Fantabulous Universe

Fantabulous Universe

Jan Van Ryckeghem


A light-hearted collection of drawings and rhymes that reflect the complex and multi-faceted nature of the human condition in a humorous manner.

  • ISBN 9781781327760
  • Published Sep 2018
  • Hardback
    216 x 216mm (72 pages)


Open our book and savour each page,

Join our Fantabunals on a sunlit stage,

Happily sharing their inner lives –

Feelings of joy, passion and strife.

That’s all it is, yet so much more:

A flow of verses and colours galore!

Enter our world of hues and stanzas,

A show just for you, an extravaganza!

Here you might find that you’re not alone

In your hopes and dreams or fears and groans,

And in reading our rhymes (strictly no prose!)

May you find a moment of gentle repose.

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J A Higgins