How much does it cost to publish with SilverWood Books?

We firmly believe that there's no such thing as a 'standard' book, or a one-price-fits-all. Every project is unique and brings its own challenges. Book production can be divided into three stages - manuscript preparation (editing and proofreading), pre-press (including typesetting and cover design), and printing.

Printing is fairly predictable and we can offer prices for most types of books, whether POD or bulk-printed, B&W interior or full colour. Pre-press, by contrast, is a moveable feast - a book containing 60 pages of simple, straightforward text will involve significantly less work than a longer book containing text alongside many photographs, captions, charts, footnotes, appendices, boxed material or bullet point lists, and a range of heading hierarchies (all of which take time and skill to format, prepare for print, and position within the overall artwork).

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