Why does SilverWood retain a percentage on books it sells?

We manage our authors’ book sales through a wide range of trading accounts around the world with POD, and within the UK with our trade distributor when a bulk print run is ordered (you can find out more about bulk print runs here). If you decide to go ahead and work with us, you’ll be using SilverWood Books to produce, publish and distribute your book, and you won’t need to set up these trading accounts yourself or register for withholding tax in US territories. You own all the books, and you set the retail price of your book, usually with our help and advice to ensure you make a reasonable return on each sale.

A trade discount is set for the general retail and wholesale trade, because every link in the supply chain expects to make a small amount on the transaction to at least cover their own costs in getting your book into readers' hands. The third-party trade discount is usually 25-30% on POD books (significantly higher with a trade distribution company, who would expect 50-60%). This trade discount is split between the operators of the supply chain. As your distributor, SilverWood also takes a trade discount of 15% on all book sales that are fulfilled through our established relationships within the book supply chain.

You keep 100% of the proceeds from books you take delivery of, and which you sell yourself at talks, seminars and other events.

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