Will my book be listed on Amazon and other online retailers?

If your book has an ISBN, it will automatically be listed on Amazon (and most other online retailers). However, this doesn't mean it's also automatically stocked in Amazon's warehouse. Amazon will show availability depending on how quickly they themselves can order and despatch a title. If you've chosen print on demand (POD) printing then once the POD process is up and running, and a demand for your book has been proved by customer orders, then Amazon will usually show your book as being available for near-immediate despatch, because POD is extremely quick and efficient (and there are no additional shipping costs for you to factor in to your production costs). Availability with Amazon can vary, and if your book sells quickly then it may flip between 'in stock' and 'out of stock' while customer orders are being processed. Alternately, if your book sells slowly, Amazon may decide to reduce stock or even list it as only available through third party sellers.

If you've chosen digital short run or lithographic printing (we call this 'Bulk Printing'), then Amazon need to order the book through a wholesaler. This can slow the process down and often means Amazon will list your bulk printed book as 'out of stock'. In order for your bulk printed book to be guaranteed as 'in stock' with Amazon (and available for immediate despatch to customers) your book needs to be supplied either through a formal wholesaler distribution arrangement (we work with Central Books) or it must be registered with the Amazon Advantage Scheme. SilverWood Books has accounts with both Central Books and Amazon Advantage, so after discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each route-to-market with you, we can apply to have your book stocked in Amazon's warehouse, with improved availability. Both Central Books and Amazon are very efficient at managing stock and delivering orders, but as with all distribution arrangements there are trade discounts (usually in excess of 60% of RRP) to be factored in to your profit calculations. This means net receipts (and therefore the money you earn from book sales) are significantly reduced.

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