Girl in the Hat Shop

Girl in the Hat Shop

Leila Cassell

In 1940s London, a young Jewish woman with the ability to see the future receives horrifying visions of the Blitz.

  • ISBN 9781781325650
  • Published Oct 2016
  • 203 x 133mm (240 pages)


The year is 1940. Fay is a salesgirl in a Mayfair hat shop. But Fay is no ordinary girl. She sees things before they happen and, forbidden by her mother to speak about the visions that have clouded her life since she was a child, she has learnt to stay silent.

Now, with the threat of invasion on everyone’s mind, she must speak up, and in a climate of prejudice and suspicion a Jewish girl from Willesden becomes the target of attention. Followed, watched, threatened with imprisonment, and suspected of being in league with the enemy, she discovers that she’s not the first member of her family to be plagued by visions.

From the privileged lives of Mayfair’s aristocracy to the neglected tenants of Stepney, from nights sheltering in luxury at the Savoy to those huddled in an Anderson shelter, Girl in the Hat Shop is a story of courage, class distinction and family secrets in wartime London.

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J A Higgins