The Hatmaker's Secret

The Hatmaker's Secret

Jill Treseder


Two babies born a century apart – what is the link between them?

  • ISBN 9781781326244
  • Published Mar 2017
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (336 pages)


Two babies are born a century apart and three generations of women are blighted by a family secret.

Thea’s sense of self depends upon keeping her secret. Her daughter, Vanessa, is confused about her own identity. And there’s Kate, Vanessa’s own daughter, whose marriage is threatened because of her grandmother’s deception. Issues of racial prejudice, betrayal, forgiveness and trust echo through the years as Vanessa – caught between generations – tries to make sense of the past. The more truths she uncovers, the more enigmatic her mother appears.

Who was Thea? How did the beautiful young hatmaker turn into the controlling parent Vanessa remembers? Can Vanessa reconcile the two and find peace? And what will the future bring for her own daughter and grandchildren?

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J A Higgins