Heng Mountain [Hardback Edition]

Heng Mountain [Hardback Edition]

Mike Robinson

A young man sets out to save his family and friends but soon finds the fate of all of China in his hands.

Hardback edition

  • ISBN 9781781325025
  • Published Mar 2016
  • 216 x 140mm (288 pages)

In the seventeenth century guardians protected China’s most precious secrets – teachings that could change the course of its history. When the Manchu tribe invade and march to the Great Wall of China, the legends of these secrets send Jun, a young man from the southern Hunan province, to find and protect them.

From the first day his mother had held Jun, she wanted to share all that she knew of their province with him, but she died when he was a young boy. His father whispered her words of wisdom to him every night, but hid his family’s knowledge of the ancient teachings, until the Manchu soldiers advanced upon their village.

With hope lost, and freedom being surrendered to the murdering Manchu leader, Jun fights with destiny to win back his province, but without an army of men, or weapons, he needs more than just his mother’s wisdom to defeat the enemy. Jun must find the inner strength of a great mountain…

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