The Highland Games

The Highland Games

Gael Harrison


Drama, romance and gentle comedy unfolds against the atmospheric Scottish backdrop of mountains, sea and crofts.

  • ISBN 9781781320471
  • Published Jul 2012
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (304 pages)


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James MacTavish is a Highland man, a gamekeeper and ghillie on the west coast of Scotland, a proud man seeking a perfect woman to be his wife. Grace from the Post Office has been in hot pursuit of him for years, but he finally loses his heart to the beautiful Suzannah, recently arrived in the village of Drum Mhor after a broken love affair in Edinburgh.

Their romance is of enormous interest to the feisty village matrons: Dolly who runs the B&B, Kathleen from the Tea Room, and Lottie the hypochondriac, all who have little good to say about anybody. Their tittle-tattle is constantly fuelled by the antics of Elvis the Post, Hector the eccentric old shepherd, Wee Eck, and young Joker MacTavish. A whirlwind of dramas unfolds against the backdrop of mountains, sea and crofts.

James MacTavish’s gentle charms permeate the pages and generate a feeling of what is important in life. It is a love of the land, and a love of the people and creatures with whom it is shared.

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