The Highland Rocks

The Highland Rocks

Gael Harrison


The entertaining sequel to 'The Highland Games'.

  • ISBN 9781781320457
  • Published Dec 2012
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (256 pages)


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The Highland Rocks is a sequel to The Highland Games, a heartfelt tale of a beautiful glen on the west coast of Scotland. It is a poignant story of life and love in a small village, and the elements that hold a community together.

Peter Matthews, a geologist, has returned to Drum Mhor, bringing with him his Chinese wife and daughter. Their arrival heralds excitement and curiosity as the ‘exotic’ family make their presence felt in the glen.

The geologist’s reappearance has sparked apprehension in the heart of Dolly MacBride, invoking memories of a particular Ghillies’ Ball of long ago – memories she thought were safely locked in the past.

As the seasons unfold, the everyday dramas of village life are carefully clocked by the matrons in Kathleen’s Tea Room. They have plenty to say about the doings of James MacTavish, Grace from the Post Office, not to mention Wee Eck, but the focus is on Dolly and her husband Ronnie, whose croft has nurtured their family and secrets throughout the years.

‘Terrible things happen to wonderful people,’ said James MacTavish, ‘yet life and love and joy continue. That is a magnificent thing to discover.’

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