Cover for 'How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe: Using Astrology for your Empowerment' by Pam Gregory

How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe

Using Astrology for your Empowerment

Pam Gregory


A guide to using astrology for personal empowerment.

  • ISBN 9781781326848
  • Published Sep 2017
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (180 pages)


Amazon Bestseller, Top 10 in Astrology

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is and why you are here? This book looks at the most mysterious and deepest part of your astrological birthchart that is connected to your soul’s journey and its purpose in your life. It is a part of you that may be hard to articulate, but acts as an undertow to pull you towards growth and fulfillment. However if you’re not aware of this deep insight as to who you really are, you can override its message and never really feel satisfied in your life. This book will take you through the simple steps of downloading your own unique birthchart free from my website (you need to know your birthtime for this), then identifying your own ‘secret purpose’, and the practical steps you can take to achieve that understanding. Even if you currently know nothing about astrology, this book will take you on a very special journey.

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