How to Find Your Way Out When In Despair

How to Find Your Way Out When In Despair

a guide to rediscovering your self-worth

Luke Pemberton


A candid, personal account of one man's experience with anxiety and depression.

  • ISBN 9781781327722
  • Published Jan 2017
  • Paperback
    210 x 148mm (120 pages)


Ever felt emotionally isolated, deeply confused, and in despair of things never getting better?

Well there is a way out, and it is mapped out in this book. Written by someone who has experienced that awful sinking sense of fear, insecurity and hopelessness about his emotional circumstances, How to Find Your Way Out When In Despair charts how the author found a way out of his predicament to accomplish peace of mind, self-acceptance and a sense of real optimism for the future.

In this candid and insightful account, the author portrays, in easy-to-follow pictorial images, an extremely honest description of his innermost insecurities and outlines an approach that can be followed by anybody who needs help dealing with what can often appear to be insurmountable emotional challenges. Practical advice and guidance, as well as some humour, is provided along the way.

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