How to See Religion Differently

How to See Religion Differently

What questioning your beliefs can reveal, and why it can lead to a healthy mind

Luke Pemberton


An illustrated guide to changing your difficult relationship with religion from the author of 'How to Find the Way Out when in Despair'.

  • ISBN 9781781327937
  • Published Jul 2018
  • Paperback
    210 x 148mm (144 pages)


Ever felt confused about religious belief but reluctant to question it? Ever considered that religious beliefs may in fact be less than wholesome, but werenít sure how to ponder them? Well this book will help. Written by someone who attended religious schools all his life, studied theology, and was a committed believer for many years, the author will walk you through his journey from belief to full-blown scepticism. Easy-to-read, and containing over 200 drawings, this book will help give you clarity of mind and a sense of liberation allowing you to move forward in life with new found confidence and self-acceptance.

Pick up a copy of How to See Religion Differently today and see why itís better to be an amazing primate than a fallen angel, why religion is like a teddy bear, why God would be unfriended on social media today, and why religion should fall foul of advertising standard guidelines.

How to Sort Your Religious Head Out is available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook, iBooks and more.

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