3D cover image Kilburn to Kirikiri

Kilburn to Kirikiri

R. Chigbue-Onyemem

Ada embarks on a compelling journey from Kilburn to Kirikiri in search of the person who has stolen her identity.

  • New title
  • ISBN 9781800421981
  • Published Apr 2022
  • 198 x 129mm (282 pages)


Ada’s normal life is suddenly turned upside down when she arrives at work at Headington House, London, on a wintry morning and is confronted with a copy of her death certificate.

Ada is questioned about her death and the issue of a pay-out cheque of £750,000 to her husband for her death. Ada is told the cheque is yet to be cashed and is advised it will be in her interest to return the uncashed cheque. She is suspended immediately. It transpires that Ada’s identity has been stolen and the onus is on Ada to prove her innocence. But how?

A lost identity is not like a lost person, place or thing. Finding a stolen identity is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Who has the yet-to-be-cashed cheque? Ada embarks on a compelling and intriguing journey from Kilburn in London to Kirikiri in Nigeria in search of the uncashed cheque and stolen identity. She is prepared to crawl, walk, fly or swim to the cheque, even if it means shedding her last drop of blood.

Kilburn to Kirikiri is about the obstacles in Ada’s way. Will she overcome them?

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