Kill the Robot

Kill the Robot

A Mindset Book

Mark Dando and Doug Richardson


By itself, this book won't make you more confident – but if you practise the thinking disciplines it describes, over time your confidence will increase.

  • ISBN 9781781325278
  • Published Mar 2017
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (114 pages)


Had enough of meetings where it’s all you can do to get through them?

Want to bring more impact to your presentations, and enjoy them more?

And what if you could stop the overload of information you and your colleagues put up with every day?

If you’re happy to think a little differently, and stop being a corporate robot, this book’s for you.

Kill The Robot invites you to start thinking more independently about your communication. In a handful of short, punchy chapters, we'll explore half a dozen provocative communication principles which can make everything different.

Packed with personal examples and anecdotes, and chock full of practical tips on how to make use of these simple ideas, you’ll quickly work out how to increase your impact and your effectiveness.

So, if you want to be more of an individual again, enjoy making presentations or make meetings more productive, let’s get on…

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J A Higgins