6 Useful Book Marketing Tips

Our advice on how authors can make their books stand out.

Do you want to sell more books? Becoming an Amazon bestseller doesn't happen over night, and even the most well written books don't sell themselves. Maximising your online presence can be one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Here are six great ways to capture your readers' attention:

  • Use a short (Bit.ly or similar) link to your book in your email signature, on your social media, your website etc. Most link shorteners allow you customise, so you can create a url that uses your book title in some way.
  • Use a Book2look biblet to drive customers to their preferred online shop. SilverWood authors: ask us if you don't have one, as we can create one for you for a small fee.

    Not sure what a biblet is? Here are some SilverWood examples:

  • Ensure you have plenty of reviews for your book on Amazon, Goodreads, Wordery and other online book sites. Don't worry if they're not all 5 star - it's reassuringly genuine to have a mix of views and ratings for your book.
  • Post regular (and useful) blogs related to your topic, and include buy links every time to drive traffic. Useful blog posts are much more likely to be shared, and if you have 'Author of' in your sign off along with a link to your book, then your blog could do the job of promoting your book for months to come with no extra effort from you.
  • Guest blog for other bloggers and include your buy links. Guesting exposes you and your book to a whole new potential readership, as it's unlikely all your hosts friends and followers are also yours - but they could be!
  • Analyse what authors of similar books to yours are doing, and see if you can use the inspiration to help your own sales.

Unfortunately there is no magic bullet. It's a case of doing your research, seeing what's possible, trying it for a period of time to see what works for you and your book. Don't give up on an idea too soon, either. Be persistent, as these things can have a long 'tail'.

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