Asking for Amazon Reviews

How making the most of your mailing list can help sell more books.
With over 40 million books now available on Amazon it should come as no surprise that simply listing a book is not enough. You’ll hear us say it over and over - selling books requires hard work and a clear marketing strategy!

In addition to maintaining social media profiles, a website and/or blog, pitching to the media, entering competitions, and hosting bookshop and library events, many successful authors understand the benefits of building a mailing list and keeping readers up to date with interesting and informative monthly newsletters.

A newsletter can be a particularly good opportunity to invite readers to leave a review on Amazon for your book. Amazon reviews can help ensure your book appears higher in searches, and this can be really helpful if, for example, your book is a thriller, historical novel, or romance and you’re competing with up to more than 700,000 other titles in the genre.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend including a plea for reviews in every newsletter, you could consider writing yourself a script to use every few months, twice yearly or perhaps after each new release. Target your request to your audience and use language which is natural to you. Readers will appreciate you’re just human after all and they are more likely to respond to an honest and relatable request.

Here’s sample script we’ve created for an imaginary historical novel to help you get started:

I wanted to ask if you’d consider writing an Amazon review for my book? The more reviews I receive on Amazon the higher The Final Hour will appear in searches. This will mean more people will see my book and hopefully they’ll be moved by George’s story too. You can click here* to leave a review. It only takes a minute or two and I really appreciate your support with getting the word out there - many thanks in advance.

*This would of course be a live link to said book on Amazon.

This would form the opening of your newsletter which would then include some interesting and relevant content or some exciting news.

You might find you don’t see any new reviews after the first mailshot or you might receive some great new feedback which helps boost your book’s ranking as well as your confidence. Whatever the case we recommend sticking with it and trying a few different ways of asking for reviews until you find what works best for you and your readers.

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