Crowd-Funding Your Book

Are you considering crowd-funding your next publishing project? 'Iceland, Defrosted' author Ed Hancox shares information and tips here...

Following the successful launch of Iceland, Defrosted Edward Hancox provides some advice on crowd-funding a book...

Crowd-funding was something that I had never even considered to publish my book, but when traditional publishing routes failed, and cash for a half decent self-publishing package was not available, I found myself drawn to it. What I found was an overwhelming, positive experience of support and validation. I raised a staggering 179% of my funding goal, smashing it out of the water, as they say...

1. Do your research

There’s a wide range of crowd-funding websites out there - Indiegogo, RocketHub, Razoo, Crowdfunder, Kickstarter... I chose the latter. They have the widest reach and provide secure means of payment. They also don't release any funds unless you achieve your target. This seemed an honest way of working, not to mention a good incentive.

2. Work on your content

Your crowd-funding campaign has to capture the interest of 'backers'. Hook their interest and entice them with rewards. Develop interesting text that tells your story. Include decent photographs and a video.

3. Honesty is the best policy

Be honest about your project, your intentions and the rewards. There is an element of trust to crowd-funding. Disregard it at your peril. Explain how you will spend the funding, and what the backers get in return.

4. Explain

Crowd-funding is still new and some people might not fully understand it. Be prepared to explain how it works, possibly many, many times.

5. Add value

Your backers need to feel they are getting value for money. Don't forget postage costs, and try to add value that backers couldn't get elsewhere.

6. Timetable

Your campaign will gave peaks and troughs in funding. This is normal. A pre-prepared timetable will keep you on track. Schedule what you are going to do, and when.

7. Promote

Just pressing the 'launch' button (as hard as this is) won't be enough. You need to tweet, Facebook, blog and do anything to get your campaign noticed. Email everyone in your address book, and SMS everyone on your phone.

8. The real world

Offline, talk about nothing else and hand some cards out. Word of mouth is often the best form of promotion. Repeat until your campaign starts buzzing.

9. Thank you

Don't forget to publicly thank your backers. This will go a long way, and they are more likely to make sure your campaign is a success, by telling friends, or just re-tweeting, for example.

10. Keep everyone updated

Once you have a band of backers, keep them updated. This might be during the funding process, or once you have achieved your goal. Backers should feel involved in your campaign, not just bystanders.

Ultimately, without crowd-funding Iceland, Defrosted would not have been published. I hope these hints and tips help you achieve your crowd-funding goal.

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Buy the paperback here (also available from most online retailers including The Book Depository and Amazon. Iceland, Defrosted is published in print and as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo plus a range of other e-reading devices.

Since this article was published, several other SilverWood authors have gone on to successfully crowd-fund their books using a range of platforms.

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