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When you’ve taken the time to write your book, the next step is to put together a marketing strategy to reach potential readers and tell them it’s available to buy. Publicity and PR (public relations) are an important ingredient.
When you’ve taken the time to write your book, the next step is to put together a marketing strategy to reach potential readers and tell them it’s available to buy. Publicity and PR (public relations) are an important ingredient for three reasons:

  1. Press coverage reaches a much wider and more diverse audience than your own marketing.
  2. News articles or book reviews in the media act as a third party endorsement for the quality of your book.
  3. Good relationships with media contacts (journalists, radio presenters, magazine editors) can lead to further PR opportunities, such as being interviewed or featured.

What is PR?

If you’re serious about using PR to become more visible as an author, these are some of the activities you’ll need to get involved in:

  • Developing your Brand Story that builds a picture for your audience of WHY you have written your book and develops Know, Like and Trust with your potential readers
  • Building relationships with local news editors, journalists and radio presenters
  • Participating in interviews covering topics related to your location, expertise or the book
  • Contacting newspapers or magazines to get reviews for the book
  • Pitching news story ideas to bloggers and media contacts
  • Responding to case study requests
By making yourself available for interviews, talks and events, you’ll be able to build your profile and increase the number of people who know about you and your book.

How to get started with PR

Think about your strategy and the types of stories you would offer to your press and media contacts. If your book is due to be published, you’ll need to prepare several weeks (sometimes months) in advance.
Competition for book announcements and featured reviews is fierce, so getting your initial angle right and the approach, as well as identifying your target media are absolutely key. Your initial book launch press release needs to incorporate your unique Brand Story or hook to make your book relevant to the media. Some questions to think about are:

  • What events or trends are happening in the world that link to your book?
  • Does your book have links to a geographical region which would interest local news journalists?
  • Are there specialist media publications related to your subject who would be willing to review your book?
  • Which bloggers or online publications would be interested in interviewing you?
To develop your PR over time, you need to identify a series of topics or themes which you’ll become known for talking about.
SilverWood author Lauren Malone wrote her book, The Expecting Entrepreneur, and then worked with publicist Isabelle Knight to get really clear on who her audience or potential reader was and where they could be reached, through what forms of media and then identifying specific media outlets. With Isabelle’s guidance, Lauren pitched her book, having established what her Brand Story behind her book was, and was able to secure herself several interviews with radio stations as well as several magazine features. Some months on, following consistent work on her PR and Lauren has now become the resident mindset expert for her local BBC station.

Creating a PR plan

The foundations of your PR plan are the five w’s - who do you want to reach, where will you find those readers, what will interest them, why your stories will matter, and when will you be sharing them. You will also need to consider how much time you can spend on PR and what budget you could dedicate to it each year. At the very minimum, you’ll need to cover the cost of sending out free books to your PR contacts for review.

To make the biggest impact with your book launch it is important to start planning your strategy well in advance and seeking the guidance of a professional publicist or PR pro is well advised. The most effective book launches are those that have been carefully planned and media coverage has been arranged to all "hit" within a certain time frame or "launch window".

However, if you’re not in a position to be able to plan your launch this far in advance, then approaching your book PR as an ongoing strategy, consistently working on raising awareness of your book over a series of months, with your target reader, through relevant media outlets, can be very effective.

Where to go for PR support

A consultation with a reputable PR agency or consultant will help you develop a plan; some are focused exclusively on authors, others work with small businesses or corporate businesses. If you are a SilverWood author, we can introduce you to one of our trusted PR specialists. There are several ways to access their services:

  • One-to-one support - this can take the form of three months, or a power hour or a project-based relationship.
  • Retained PR services - this would usually be set up as a lasting relationship, with a fixed cost each month.
  • Group coaching online - where you join the group for a low membership cost and all the training in the group is free.
  • Reviews service - SilverWood or a publicist can support you to ask for independent book reviews in the media.
  • PR training or workshops - where you will tackle a specific topic and come away with your next steps on your journey to publicise your book.

Get started on your book promotion 

For our SilverWood authors, if you’d like more support with promoting your book, the first step is to have a Book Marketing Consultation with Debra. She can also introduce you to a professional publicist to help you progress your PR plans.

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Book Marketing Consultation

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Personalised Book Marketing Plan

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