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A list of useful resources on writing books, ideal for aspiring authors.

This article provides aspiring authors a list of useful resources on writing books. The list includes a comprehensive selection of books, scholarly essays, podcasts, magazines and websites in order to help authors begin the sometimes tricky process of writing. The publications and links provided below aim to help authors locate their style, voice and specific area of creative, literary interest. The article also offers interactive social spaces where authors can seek peer support and share ideas.

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

Multiple Authors / 80+ articles.

This number one best selling guide compiles over 80 informed articles, covering a broad range of genres, including historical, travel, poetry, fiction and plays. The companion looks closely at bespoke publishing processes, so there really is something for every budding author! This highly regarded and practical resource is considered to be a must-have handbook for authors looking to gain a wide-ranging and comprehensive understanding of both the writing and publishing industries. Chapters include information on:

  • Self-publishing
  • Creative writing
  • Literary festivals (get to know other authors and members of the self-publishing community)

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The Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook is also available for writers specifically interested in this field of literature and publishing

Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

Multiple Authors - 70+ articles.

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5

Writer’s Digest Forum: Section entitled 'Write Better, Get Published’

This interactive online forum provides friendly, and easily accessible chatrooms, where writers and authors can talk openly about their personal experiences and pose self-publishing related questions to other members of the publishing community. For individuals in pursuit of inspiration, the most useful forums for writing support and self-publishing information include:

  • Tips and Advice (an overview of the profession)
  • Self-publishing: Tips and Discussion (specifically useful for SilverWood Books authors)
  • Goal posts (encouragement and accountability)

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Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5

Is There a Book in You?

Author: Alison Baverstock

ISBN: 978 0 7136 7932 8

Published author and Publishing MA leader, Alison Baverstock’s,’Is There a Book in You?’, emphasises how positive thinking and personal determination can hugely aid the crafting of a successful literary work. Baverstock discusses the individual writer, in relation to the wider publishing community, sensitively considering how the identity and authenticity of an author’s work is of paramount creative importance. The book links the pre and post publication processes, by combining notions of authorial motive, style and preliminary creative confidence with formal information on the industry. The book encourages perspective authors to look both internally and externally to find the best authorial style and publication route for them. Key chapters consider:

  • Writing habits (Get to know yourself as a writer. Where/how do you work most productively?)
  • Why do you want to write? (Questioning motives. Genre/topics. What is the driving force?)
  • Confidence as a writer (Understanding personal strengths and celebrating them)
  • What do you know about the publishing industry? (formal information, in conjunction with ideas on personal creativity)

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Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5

Writing Magazine

Editor: Jonathan Telfer (multiple authors)

Dubbed the UK’s bestselling writing magazine, this fun, intuitive publication compiles an array of useful articles, writing resources and literary topics in an easily manageable format. Monthly issues include interviews with published authors, masterclass columns on varying creative genres, competitions and large spreads on poetic works. This magazine provides regular, accessible and up to-date information for authors and writers. This publication is a great, fun way to gain a broad knowledge of the industry. The most useful sections from the December 2015 issue include:

  • Block Busting (The easy way to beat writer’s block)
  • Fiction: The Kindest Cuts (An article to help author’s with structuring first drafts)
  • Subscriber Spotlight (A spread sharing writing success stories)
  • Writing for Children
  • Poetry Primer (Guide through the language of poetry)

Click here for the website.

Usefulness: 4 out of 5

The Creative Penn Podcasts

Presenter: Joanna Penn

For budding authors on a busy schedule, these informative podcasts offer an easy, audible route into the world of writing and literary creativity. Available on iTunes and Youtube every Monday, each podcast is presented by an experienced author or member of the publishing community. A back list of 40 podcasts are accessible via the Youtube website and iTunes. Writers can choose podcasts to suit their needs, so catching up on relevant conversations and interviews is simple. Each episode focuses on a different writing topic, providing in-depth, personable insights into the experiences and opinions of other writers’. Past podcasts have included:

  • Story Engineering and Tips for Writing your Novel
  • Writing Literary Fiction and the Importance of Creativity
  • Q&A show on Self-publishing

iTunes link.

YouTube link.

Usefulness: 5 out of 5

Writers Helping Writers (formerly Bookshelf Muse)

Co-Founded by: Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi

This communal website aims to 'help, support and empower’ writers with their creativity and storytelling abilities. The website contains several pages including a list of recommended 'how to write’ books. Other sections include an 'idea generator’; a digital app which helps writers to hone their characters, plots and themes. The website also offers a toolbox option for perspective authors. This informative section is full of downloadable documents, relating to linguistic composition, grammar and punctuation. Some of the website’s most useful information stems from recent articles written by celebrated authors. These include:

  • Building a Great First Chapter with New York Times Bestselling Author Beth Revis
  • Dream Up a Great Book Idea and Make Something Out of It
  • Planning a Novel: Character Arc in a Nutshell

Website link.

Usefulness: 3 out of 5

As showcased above there are numerous resources available for those interested in writing, publishing and authorship. Hopefully some of the options provided will be of use. Writing is a very personal process and finding the right tools to kickstart the process is key.

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