Self-Publishing: everything you need to know!

'The Naked Author: a guide to self-publishing' is publishing expert Alison Baverstock's indispensable handbook, published by Bloomsbury.

Here at SilverWood we spend a lot of time answering queries about self-publishing and helping writers towards a greater understanding of the process. We often joke that someone should write a book about it for the UK market... and now one of the people we like to work with has done just that!

Publishing consultant Alison Baverstock's excellent book The Naked Author: a Guide to Self-publishing is both a thoughtful exploration of self-publishing and an informative 'how-to' handbook.

As Alison herself says, 'Self-publishing has had a bad reputation'. Badly edited, poorly designed and amateurish books have been produced by writers who were disinclined to re-appraise or improve their work. However, modern technology is changing the publishing landscape - and fast. Serious writers are now able to buy professional services that allow them to produce a high quality product and offer it straight to their audience, promoting it across a wealth of online media. Self-publishing is gaining a new respectability; writers are actively choosing it as a way to connect with their readers, and Alison's book celebrates this with exuberance.

Her comprehensive guide begins in a philosophical way, with a thoughtful and thought-provoking examination of why writers may wish to publish their own work. These writers may range from the family wishing to produce a single copy of a This is Your Life history for an elderly relative, to the 'household name' author with an established fan base who turns away from traditional publishing. This book is no gentle philosophical tome, however, because Alison efficiently turns to the competencies and assets needed to make a success of publishing. The economics of book production is explored, legal issues covered, and practicalities such as book formats, paper types, proofreading, typesetting, eBooks and ISBNs are covered in detail with useful advice from industry experts. Numerous case histories throughout the book offer illuminating thoughts on writing, self-publishing and self-expression.

This book, the first of its kind from a UK traditional publishing house (A&C Black), is an inspiring must-read for anyone contemplating publishing their own work, whether on a small scale for personal use or with the intention of reaching out to readers on a global scale. The Naked Author is an in-depth guide that every serious self-publisher should have to hand as they embark on their publishing journey.

About The Author

Alison Baverstock is a published author and a senior lecturer on the Publishing MA at Kingston University. With 25 years' experience of publishing, Alison Baverstock has a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the industry. She has wide experience as a lecturer and trainer, having run training courses within the publishing industry for 18 years. Alison also regularly acts as an external, and independent, voice on selection panels, marketing and commissioning meetings and brain-storming sessions. She has been an active board member of Artists Newsletter AN for twelve years. She also wrote the marketing section of the National Occupational Standards for Book Publishing.


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