Turn Your Knowledge into a Business-Boosting Book

What can a book do for your business? In this article, we explore the benefits a book can bring to your business, clients, and team.
Why write a business book? As a business owner, your knowledge forms the foundation of the company. You'll have invested time passing that knowledge on to customers or using it to help them and if you have a team, sharing it with your people. Writing a book will help you share that knowledge more widely with additional audiences who might not have known about your brand. Becoming an author on Amazon and with other book distributors gives you opportunities to reach their readers and create greater visibility of what you do. Here's our summary of how to get started and why a book can make such a difference to your business:

Top reasons writing a book will boost your business

1. Writing a book will help establish your authority on the topic; in turn, more credibility helps build trust with potential clients.

2. A book enables people to learn more about your process and take the first steps by themselves - when they need help, they'll turn to a known expert.

3. You can sell your book worldwide, even if your market for services tends to be local - giving you access to much larger audiences.

4. As an author, it's easier to arrange more guest-speaking opportunities, in person, on podcasts or YouTube videos - giving you and your business greater visibility.

5. Your book events may be of interest to the local press; it gives you a reason to contact them and submit a story - creating even wider reach.

6. You can offer your book - or chapters from it - as an incentive for people to sign up to your email newsletter, boosting the numbers on your marketing list.

7. You can develop the knowledge in your book further to share it as an online course, then use the book to promote the training - giving you another income stream.

How to turn your knowledge into a business book

Start with a plan

You need to be very clear about your objectives for the book. Are you writing this book to sell it widely as a long term income stream? Or will you use it as a marketing tool to promote your services, by giving away copies? Or is it designed for your customers, to deepen the work that you're doing together? Some authors crowdfund their books, so they know they've got a ready made audience.

Understand exactly who you're writing for and why they will want to read the book. Which type of person is going to be most interested in your book - who are they? Why will they want to read your business book - what outcome are you offering them? Start by engaging your audience more often before the book is finished; you can even ask for feedback on your cover design options.

Choose your launch date

Although you may have limited control over how long your book takes to publish, it helps to set out with a publication date in mind. Are you launching to coincide with a specific event? How much writing do you need to do each day/week to get there in time? Sticking to your writing plan is key to getting the book finished.

Map out the content

Many non-fiction authors start with a pile of sticky notes, with a phrase on each note to prompt them to write about a particular topic. Are there exercises for your readers to do? Or further notes you want to signpost them to? Once done, you can design the start, middle and end of the book by ordering the topics you've laid out.

Start writing the detail

Dedicate a whole chapter for each topic, making each idea clear and easy to follow. Give yourself a minimum word count to write each day, as decided in your writing plan. Do take regular breaks from your writing to ensure you don't burn out and cause yourself unplanned time off.

Finalise your manuscript

Before it's published, your book will need at least one edit and a proofread. A structural edit will ensure the information flows in the best way for the readers. A line edit will check the syntax, grammar and style of writing. For more on editing, take a look at this article

Choose your publishing route

Submitting your book to literary agents can gain you valuable feedback and potentially get a traditional publishing deal. However, for the fastest route to publish your business book, contact a reliable self-publishing house (yes, us of course!) while you're finishing the manuscript and get a quote for the production. You'll have your book in your hands in 3-6 months compared with a traditional publishing company which may take 12-18 months, or even longer.

Once completed, it'll be time to boost your book marketing efforts - then your business book will truly help you gain influence, reach wider audiences and develop new income streams for your business.

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