Want a Career in Publishing?

Job vacancies in publishing are few and far between, so just how DO you get started?
Looking for a publishing position?

SilverWood Books is always interested to hear from talented hard-working candidates (with practical experience using Adobe InDesign) who wish to commit to a full-time permanent position. Please send an up-to-date CV to Publishing Director Helen Hart via our Contact Us page.


The Publishing Industry

The publishing jobs market is extremely tough and very competitive - but the good news is that if you have an outstanding CV, understand the business, and can offer lots of things an employer might want or need (including relevant experience) you should stand a good chance of getting a publishing job in the future. See this link to an encouraging feature in The Bookseller.

So what do I need to do?

Anyone considering a career in publishing should learn everything they can about the industry, and be prepared to do any job to get a foothold with a view to moving sideways once they've gathered some experience and come to understand specifically what role they want to do (and what they don't).

Start with careers advice offered by The Society of Young Publishers (SYP Careers) and then dip into the information below...

Websites to check out

Bookcareers - careers consultancy specialising in the book industry.
The Bookseller - news and comment about the book business, and to keep up to date with job vacancies and industry news you might sign up for the Jobs Editor bulletins and thebookseller.com Briefing.
The Society of Young Publishers - info and advice for anyone trying to break into the publishing industry.
SfEP - The Society for Editors and Proofreaders, information for anyone who works with text, good FAQ section.
The Publishing Training Centre - industry-recognised courses and information.

Useful 'industry insider' blogs

Former US literary agent and author Nathan Bransford blogs most days about writing, editing, the publishing industry and how it works, also offers page critiques which aspiring editors can learn a lot from reading.
US literary agent Janet Reid shares her (sometimes savage) wisdom about submitted manuscripts and covering letters. Watch and learn.
New York editorial assistant Ed Ass blogs about her work and life.
Useful Q and A from the Chicago Manual of Style. A great way to learn the nuances of copy-editing. Sign up for free email alerts.
Helpful blog post featuring 6 top tips from an editor in the US, with additional helpful comments.

More information

Download free PDFs from The Publishing Training Centre which offers advice, insights and information for those seeking a career in publishing.


Inside Book Publishing - A career builder's guide by Giles Clark - seen as the definitive guide about the publishing industry.
New Hart's Rules - the essential guide for writers and editors, a must-have for anyone writing or working with text in English. We use ours every day!
The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook - the indispensable guide to the world of writing, as well as an up-to-date directory of contacts for the book publishing industry.

Applying for work experience, internships or other vacancies

Polish up your CV so that's its smartly-presented and faultless - it's no good saying you're good at proofreading if you then spell the word incorrectly or get basic punctuation wrong.

Mention your qualifications, personal attributes and achievements, and also offer some information about what makes you particularly suited to a career in publishing.

Research the company you're approaching so that you can send your covering letter and CV to a named person rather than 'To Whom it May Concern'. Some potential employers may feel that if a candidate can't be bothered to do basic research, then they can't be bothered to consider the candidate for employment. Tough, but true.

Make sure you understand something about the company and its publishing list.

Be prepared to do anything to get your foot in the door - office administration may seem boring, but if it's office administration at a publishing house and you can demonstrate your efficiency and attention to detail, then you may be in with a chance of moving sideways towards your eventual career goals.

Want to send us your CV...?

Please email your CV and a detailed covering letter about your experience to date, and your longer term career plans,
to Publishing Director Helen Hart: ku/oc/skoobdoowrevlis//ofni.

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