3d cover lessons from the slums Neil Kirby

Lessons from the Slums

Neil Kirby

The inspiring story of Neil Kirby's charitable foundation sponsoring students, The Red Rubber Ball Foundation.

  • ISBN 9781781329306
  • Published Feb 2020
  • 198 x 129mm (156 pages)


I can’t imagine how it could be possible for me to complete my high school studies four years ago without your intervention. In a nutshell, Red Rubber Ball gifted me with the rare opportunity to better my future. I won’t take that for granted but rather, I am deeply grateful. – Cheboi Kipsang Marthias, sponsored student

When Neil Kirby was encouraged to chase his ‘red rubber ball’, little did he realise that he’d chase it halfway across the world to Kenya. An offer to raise funds to feed orphan children in western Kenya would change his life as well as theirs. By sharing his story with friends and family, colleagues and contacts, many others offered to lend their support. It would see hundreds of children get the chance of a secondary school education, go on to university and find work; make friends and climb mountains; and become part of a family again. Setting out without a plan, it would see Neil achieve more than he could ever have imagined. Lessons from the Slums is his story and shows that "anything is possible…if you put your mind to it”.

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