M. A. Castle Author Page

M. A. Castle was born in Hampshire in 1939, but moved to Surrey with her family after the War. She failed the grammar school entry exam, but passed the thirteen plus to attend a commercial school. Due to poor health, she missed some schooling, and to amuse herself, made up stories and wrote them down in a green covered exercise book. After school she worked for a bank, married and started a family. Later she became the only female DIY rep in the West. She now lives in Somerset.

Writing was part of her life, but she had no particular goal in mind. Then, in 2014 she joined her current writing group. Her tutor, Sue Purkiss, noticed that she tended to overload short stories with too much information, and suggested that a longer story might prove more satisfying. This resulted in a breakthrough. Armed with a list of characters, she gradually developed the story over the next few years, with the enthusiastic support of the group. The result is Keeper’s, her first novel, which she completed in her eighty-first year.


M. A. Castle



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