The Man on the Mantelpiece

The Man on the Mantelpiece

Janet Denny


Janet investigates her father's experiences of World War Two in this fictionalised memoir.

  • ISBN 9781781323571
  • Published Apr 2015
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (270 pages)


On the first day of World War Two Jim begins a diary. An ardent eighteen-year-old pacifist, nothing will persuade him to fight.

Seventy years later his daughter discovers his writing. After a month the entries cease until, two years later, he begins again. Now he is a married man and has volunteered for RAF Bomber Command. Janet has a mystery to solve. Why did he change his mind? What happened to the man she has only known as the young hero in his photo on the mantelpiece?

Following in his footsteps throughout his training and first bombing raid, Janet compares the diaries with her own impressions of life then and now. In the twenty-first century when Jim’s generation is all but gone, she traces her father’s struggle and finds the reason she never knew him…

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