My Bermuda Books

My Bermuda Books

Richard Leigh Harris

Professional musician Richard Leigh Harris discusses his views on various topics, from politics to the arts, in this second memoir.

  • ISBN 9781781325889
  • Published Jan 2017
  • 203 x 133mm (126 pages)


The title, My Bermuda Books, suggests a travel book, doesn’t it? In one sense, perhaps, it is a travel book, but of the author’s mind – an interior journey, therefore.

Humorous, controversial, passionate, satirical and thoughtful, My Bermuda Books can be seen as an oblique continuation of Harris’s memoir The Days of Our Vanity. Woven throughout this miscellany are autobiographical threads, plus his extended quasi Desert Island Discs style selection of not only musical choices, but of writers, artists, places and influences; in short, everything that has helped to form who he is.

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