My Sister, Myself

My Sister, Myself

Jill Treseder


A compelling story of family, love, loss and migration between Budapest and London after the 1956 Hungarian Uprising.

  • ISBN 9781781328026
  • Published Jul 2018
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (258 pages)


Hungary, 1956. Russian tanks brutally crush the revolution against the Communist regime. Sisters Katalin and Marika escape Budapest with their family and settle in London.

However, the past is not so easily left behind. Their father is a wanted man, and the sisters’ relationship hangs in the balance. Their futures are shaped by loss. For Katalin, this means the failure of her ambition and a devastating discovery;
for Marika, an equally heart-breaking experience.

Caught between their Hungarian heritage and their new lives in Britain, the sisters struggle to reconnect. Family secrets are exposed, jeopardising Katalin’s and Marika’s identities.

Can their relationship survive war, division and grief?

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